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Moodboard: Winter 2017 is Here!

Winter Moodboard.jpgEven in southern California, it’s time for cozy makes, stews and baking, and communing and meditating with the darkness! It is also time for riveting reads while deep under the covers and catching up on loved series-even though Game of Thrones is breaking my heart by making us wait til Summer! But I digress. So since I completed my Work Capsule Wardrobe, my theory being if I dress for the part the work will come -I am working in a temp capacity and for now enjoying changing gigs periodically. Day job a gogo.

Now that I’m working a steady gig for a while I haven’t had as much time with my makes. But that’s okay. I’m very inspired to do more planning around sewing and refashion. You can follow some of my magick and yoga on Instagram, like my solstice cards this year and my favorite tarot spreads and magick moon rituals.

I’m very inspired to do more planning around sewing and refashion. As usual, the New Year inspires a lot of clearing and cleaning for me and of course organizing which I went to town on this weekend with a new Ikea shelving system that makes me so happy! It also reminds me that there is a lot more purging and/or making to do and that there will be no buying of fabric in 2017! For real, it’s time for some major stash busting.

So much of last year’s refashion and make plans are still in play! And I have also inspired by other sewcialists online to partake in projects like #MakeNine2017 and get to know other sewists and makers in this great big interwebs universe. And lastly I look forward to discovering new creative inspiration everywhere I can. Happy 2017 lovelies.


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Moodboard: Autumn Vibes 2016


Fall is my jam. It is the time of year that I miss the east coast’s turning leaves, waning temperatures, light-weight coats and sweater weather, wearing tights while gusts of wind lift my skirts! Sigh…. Being a west coaster my Autumn vibes still employ cozy sweaters for the dropping temps, if mainly at night, my favorite muted colors and most definitely layering it up. It also marks a return to getting my high femme on. A little bit of high drama in my styling choices as the layers pile on.


Autumn also begins “holiday” season. There are my favorites Halloween (Samhain) and Day of the Dead, an evolution of the Catholic All Soul’s Day, which is celebrated throughout a number of both Spanish and non-Spanish speaking colonized countries. Many a New Year is celebrated included Hibri, the Islamic New Year which begins in mid-November. The Wiccan celebration Mabon and the Autumn Equinox occurs, celebrating the harvest time and gratitude. Many Yoruban orishas have feast days throughout Autumn including one of my favorite Yoruban Goddesses Oya. It is also Feast of Eleggua, an Initiation Day into the Yoruba Faith (Nigerian religion).


There is lots of magic in the season which is probably why I have such an affinity for it.  Autumn is the season where nature fades and starts to die off leading into Winter. For me, the dying off is a shedding of skin and relinquishing of that which doesn’t serve. It is the beginning of making way for all that’s new.  I am inspired and energized by the Fall in spite of any challenges or hardships. For me,  it is organically a very freeing season.

The full moon has passed and the Autumn Equinox is here and there will be celebrations. Enjoy them. Right now its dusk giving way to night and the trees are rustling and I peep a deep blue and tawny sky out of my window and the breeze greets me and I am truly content. The smallest moments are filled with gratitude, the falling leaves, my tea and tarot, a favorite autumn meal, the shedding of skin. Enjoy the magick of Autumn, before you know it, it will be gone.

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A Guide to Slow Fashion

Maybe you’ve heard of the Slow Food movement.  Slow Food is a way of living and eating linking the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. Slow Fashion is very similar. I see it as a different way of consuming. I see it as selecting your clothing as a vehicle for style, with substance and consideration for your community and your environment. Slow Fashion includes, Vintage, fashion utilizing eco-friendly design and using environmentally sound resources. Slow Fashion can also include ethical fashion, which reflects a business that treats its workers fairly and with respect and also makes sure natural resources are not exploited in making their goods.

The website Slow Fashioned is a great resource for information about ethical, environmental and local fashion options and initiatives.  Don’t worry no one is telling you not to buy that new dress or incorporate the next trend into your wardrobe. Think about shopping local, handmade so that your dollars are recycled back into the community and local economy.  Really it’s about being a bit more mindful about how we rock our closets. Here are some suggestions on how to start rethinking your wardrobe and be a part of the Slow Fashion movement:

Stop chasing the Fashion Dragon. Find clothing as unique as you are and  find your fashion voice. Refine your style and stay true to it and you’ll magically find that the compulsion to buy that dress you saw on the cover of “That” Magazine becoming a distant memory.

The next time your online, take a minute to research your latest purchase and answer these questions: Does the brand or the retailer manufacture locally and care about its impact on the community? Does the company have ethical work practices in their factories in Thailand and eslewhere around the world? Do they use environmentally sound practices and sustainable materials or working toward it?

Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year? Clothing can account for 10% of landfills in the large US cities. Of course this is a global reality. Donating your unused clothes, recycling them into crafty goods and refashioning those old vinyl pants into a crazy cool raincoat for your pug could go a long way! Not to mention the treasure hunt that is Vintage shopping. Swoooooon!

Choose something of  a better quality that will last longer and be appropriate for more events than something poorly made and trend driven.  Spend on quality before having a spree your favorite discount store. In the end a throw away garment is more costly, to you, your community and your environment. Saving up for that high end one of a kind winter coat will have you looking and feeling great!

Lastly, the single most basic concept, slow down. Take the time to find out more about what your buying and where it comes from.  Shop your closet or shop vintage first! Get creative! Google DIY projects and see if you can’t convert that dated number in your closet you aren’t wearing into something you can’t wait to wear. Slow Down and enjoy what you have.