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Moodboard: Winter 2017 is Here!

Winter Moodboard.jpgEven in southern California, it’s time for cozy makes, stews and baking, and communing and meditating with the darkness! It is also time for riveting reads while deep under the covers and catching up on loved series-even though Game of Thrones is breaking my heart by making us wait til Summer! But I digress. So since I completed my Work Capsule Wardrobe, my theory being if I dress for the part the work will come -I am working in a temp capacity and for now enjoying changing gigs periodically. Day job a gogo.

Now that I’m working a steady gig for a while I haven’t had as much time with my makes. But that’s okay. I’m very inspired to do more planning around sewing and refashion. You can follow some of my magick and yoga on Instagram, like my solstice cards this year and my favorite tarot spreads and magick moon rituals.

I’m very inspired to do more planning around sewing and refashion. As usual, the New Year inspires a lot of clearing and cleaning for me and of course organizing which I went to town on this weekend with a new Ikea shelving system that makes me so happy! It also reminds me that there is a lot more purging and/or making to do and that there will be no buying of fabric in 2017! For real, it’s time for some major stash busting.

So much of last year’s refashion and make plans are still in play! And I have also inspired by other sewcialists online to partake in projects like #MakeNine2017 and get to know other sewists and makers in this great big interwebs universe. And lastly I look forward to discovering new creative inspiration everywhere I can. Happy 2017 lovelies.


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Magick: A Full Moon & the Summer Solstice

Honey Moon by Vanessa Leigh

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. The Sun is at it’s highest and we get to bathe in sunlight for that much longer. Some are suffering and are at risk from this heat wave in the U.S. we are having, and I send you and myself love and respite from it. Let’s be mindful loves and take care of ourselves. A Honey Moon is seen at it’s lowest point in the atmosphere.  Because of this, there may be an amber haze to it which is why it is called a Honey Moon. Too delicious.

I will spend the solstice at the beach finally. I have been needing to be near open water and I will be doing some ritual because the time is ripe. A full Moon in combination with the Solstice and all sorts of astrological goings on synched with my chart makes this a gorgeous time to  attempt some karmic completion and break old harmful habits or at least begin to. YES PLEASE! ❤

Chani Nicholas reminds us that the second full moon in a row in Sagittarius, which is my Moon sign and ascending sign. “It puts a double emphasizes not only  on the house that contains Sagittarius in our personal astrology charts, but also on the themes of Sagittarius for us collectively. Sagittarius is the archer, the rambler, the gambler, the one who bets on hope and runs on faith. Sagittarius moves. Swiftly. Sagittarius seeks. Endlessly. Seeks meaning. Seeks experience. Seeks the horizon. The archer can’t stop for fear of missing out on the next adventure. This is the sign that wants to run with the big questions. The ones that are sure to send us on the most open-ended quests.” For me too many questions at times. 

I am so excited for this seasonal shift and its correlation with the full moon and I plan to charge my crystals in the moon, make some moon water, and charge some herbal infused oils I recently made. I normally find myself more excited by the New Moon to set intentions, but this year with all of my shadow work and this astrological time being right to settle our karma, I will look forward to cleansing rituals.

The full moon is best used for banishing spells, releasing those things that don’t serve you and for I will be releasing long-standing patterns that don’t serve me. The waning moon is a time for forgiveness, acceptance, surrender and learning lessons. So I will be engaged in rituals that support all of those things for the duration of the waning cycle.

The moon will be visible Sunday evening, early Monday and Monday night. The Full Moon is technically full for 48 hours, Twice the Honey, hunnies. So should you care to simply celebrate the moon with a cleansing ritual on the longest day of the year with the Sumer Solstice, join me. Tell me how it worked out for you.


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Summer Vibes, Creative License & Healing



I was watching music mogul TomSturges address some teenagers in a talk for the Aspen Institute. He quoted songwriter Allee Willis “The path to self-respect goes through creativity”.  In  his book  Sturges expands on Willis’s words and writes, “The more we create the better we feel about ourselves. The better we feel the more we feel like creating. The more we feel like creating, the more we get out of it. The more we get out of it the better those ideas are. The better the ideas are, the more we respect ourselves for having them. And so on. It’s an endless cycle of good, a never-ending circle of growing self-respect.” And all I can say is YES!

Seeing myself with love and understanding was very much born out of the respect I rebuilt for myself while putting my mind and hands to work. While seeing projects I had envisioned through. While filling my creativity vault with visits to the museums, late nights on the interwebs researching artists I’d only just heard of or watching a tv show that made me genuinely laugh aloud. Spending time caring for myself allows me to percolate, and my mind explodes into synaptic fireworks flashing. Spending time creating allows me to automatically refill my empty well.

To be creative is to be curious. If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I am returning to my yoga for self-care and am really delving into tarot! Which is exciting! I am doing a spirit guide challenge with is both challenging and a great comfort. I am also doing a lot of shadow work through Tarot. I have been looking inward for a long time and I am seeing great benefit from doing so.


Shadow WorkSq1

Shadow Working with The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr


What I am working on now is my health. Mentally and physically I am changing, as we all do throughout life. I am choosing to treat those issues with as much curiosity, love, and admiration as I do my creative process. It is the priority. Part of that attention is getting back to prioritizing making art. Wearing art. Celebrating art. The Mood Board at the top of the page is a cross between my summer make plans and the good vibes I am inviting in.

There has been a lot of death this year, a lot of collective grieving this year. I have struggled through three beloved idols passing, two family members dying and the traumas around the world including Orlando in this quickly moving year. The struggle is real but we’re still here and that’s worth celebrating. Practicing being loving, kind and patient with ourselves is maybe the most important thing of all. Be well lovelies.


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The Little Things – Valerie June


Valerie June PushinSometimes more often than not these days, it’s just about being in the moment. And as Beltane passes and the Moon is in Pisces, and the days continue to get longer,  I celebrate the little things that bring me joy. So I thought I’d share them with you.  I am so in love with Valerie June and love roots music so much. I’m listening to her album Pushin’ Against A Stone. I came across this collaboration between her and my loves Style Like U. The mother-daughter duo who examine style beyond the surface…. So very lovely. Be grounded in the magick….


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Melancholia, My Shadow Self & the Spring Feels

Untitled (2)
I equate Spring with joy. It is promise fulfilled, after all. For me, spring symbolizes blooming flowers, showers, temperate days and the coming of natural abundance. But spring is also another transitional season and as we know transitions, no matter how beautiful the outcome, can be really challenging. My last spring living in New York City was awful.

It was icy and cold throughout March and by the time mid-April came, it was humid and muggy and would pretty much stay that way all summer. Sometimes transitions are downright oppressive. This year the Spring Equinox coincided with a full moon and a solar eclipse and things got pretty emotional. My body chemistry was out of whack and my coping skills were a mess. My shadows came into the light and issues I never before acknowledged were ever present. But that is just how transitions sometimes go.

A dear friend  and I were just talking about how one day you can feel great and the next you are struggling and how we both have learned to stop scrutinizing it. Embracing the darkness, my fears, my darker impulses, desires, and frustrations is to see my shadow self. Psychologist Carl Jung coined the terms Persona and Shadow Self as reflections of a person’s innate duality.

The persona is your ideal archetype, that which you want to be or what you imagine for yourself. The shadow self is the archetype that forms the unconscious part of the mind made up of repressed ideas experiences, instincts, weaknesses and embarrassing fears and desires, things that can be associated with negativity in society and therefore, are avoided. The shadow self is the self we hide, where hurt and shame can live without being addressed because of that fear or stigma. Sometimes the shadows are old wounds meant to be healed. So on with the healing.

I have finally received my Goddess Tarot deck. My tarot deck of choice. I am excited to explore healing those spaces through magick and use my Tarot as a magickal tool to do so. The journey continues.


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Love: Transgender Awareness Week


Nov. 20th is Transgender Remembrance day and marks the end of Transgender Awareness Week November 14-20.


This past Saturday on the 14th I went to the 2nd Annual San Fernando Valley Pride March and Conference organized by Somos Familia Valle and it was such a gorgeous day. Beautiful folx celebrating the spectrum of gender and sexual identity from the point of view of people of color, specifically Latinx.


A day of talks and workshops were all about sharing stories and strategies on how to serve the LGBTQIA community in the Valley with goals of a San Fernando Valley LGBTQIA community center. The highlights for me were workshops on Immigration on an end to deportations,  Sexual Education, and a panel discussion on Trans Liberation featuring vibrant activists Joseline Hernandez, Tanya Chacon and Bamby Salcedo.


At one point, Bamby Salcedo said that she was fortunate to be her age. That the average lifespan of a Transperson is 35. This shook me to the core. This is as a direct result of criminal violence and social alienation leading to suicide. In 2015 over 21 Transwomen and who knows how many more genderfluid people have been murdered. If this isn’t a state of emergency, what is?


I first saw these gorgeous posters on Buzzfeed today. Each poster is for sale and benefits a non profit organization.  They were created as part of Transgender Day Of Resilience Art Project. Visit the site to find out more about the artists and organizations behind these posters. You can also find where near you National Trans Marches Of Resilience are taking place.


End the culture of violence against Trans folx. Be an ally to Transgender people. Allyship is action. Spread awareness, seek understanding have respect for and show love to our Trans sisters, brothers and genderfluid family. Create safe spaces, hold space, give love.


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Falling Forward

Somehow it feels like ages since I have posted and I am amazed that I didn’t manage to get a Halloween post up, yet! But all is well. Life has been fully engaged and some things just didn’t happen. Things have ended, begun a new, and it has been a busy month prepping for Halloween at SweetLeigh, my sweet little Etsy shop of millinery confections.

SweetLeigh MadeCreativity is the thing. A custom order for a Miss Argentina cape viaBeetlejuice became a siren call for a rush of orders for more and some other pieces for Halloween. The custom order took ages for me to figure out but once I did I managed to keep refining my wired cape and exercised some skills I haven’t been utilizing lately. Not to mention I always find hand sewing to be very cathartic. To create something from “nothing” is a gift that I treasure. I plan to keep this costume piece in my shop rotation and offer it in Black as well.

Mummy Mood BoardA related trip to the Fabric District in Downtown L.A. scored some materials from my fave fabric outlet store, Michael Levine Loft! I scored some great knits that got me excited to explore some new sewing projects for Halloween and beyond. I’m thinking sustainably about creating wearable maxis that will be the basis for my costumes this year so that I don’t feel tempted to throw out or donate what I make for Halloween. I always say it is about the vibe, and the details, makeup and accessories will be the bulk of my looks.

PicMonkey Collage

Some of my inspiration is in these mood boards. Above, you can see that the basis for both a Creature from the Black Lagoon inspired look and a Cleopatra look is a green dress from the 1963 version of Cleopatra. I first decided to make one dress for both looks, but now I’m seriously considering combining the Creature and Cleo as one costume. Think Star Trek Orion slave girl with gills….


I’ve also been reading and drawing a lot. I joined a fun Instagram challenge called #Drawlloween where we get Halloween inspired prompts daily for the month of October. It has become very much a nightly meditation ritual.  It has also got me excited to sketch and draw with pen and ink and it’s definitely pushing me to a creative place.


I’ve been exploring and celebrating my pagan sensibilities getting grounded and been manifesting magic with the support of some of my favorite witches. Sometimes when things you have planned get away from you, it is not falling behind, but falling forward.


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