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The Magick Season

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It has been a really busy couple of weeks. I made a decision that seemed to open a gateway of opportunities and have been busting a*$ ever since! This weekend I was working a vintage show doing a fair amount of physical labor for two days then was up until 2 am collaging all of these images to share what has kept me away. It is my prime working season. My favorite time of year when folx order costume pieces from me at SweetLeigh and I am my most playful when it comes to making! See Autumn Moodboard for current inspirations!

First up is SweetLeigh. The Miss Argentina Cape has continued to be a strong seller this Halloween so I have added a Black version for Bats, and demons and vampires alike, to my Etsy. I have capes to make! Folx also love the Bat ears and the Eartha Kitty set! I’m a little sad because I used the last of my fabulous leopard velour up for my final Eartha Kitty set. But I hope to generate as much excitement with a pink velour version for a “pink panther set” which I’m also working on. And lastly, time to start fleshing out my own Halloween costume!


Do you know Steven Universe!? A cartoon show for kids that should be mandatory viewing for all humans everywhere…. If you haven’t heard, it stars the Crystal Gems, an amazing renegade group of nonbinary Crystals who are trying to save the people of earth from their homeworld leaders. They do this with the help of the half-human/half-Gem child of their compatriot Rose Quartz, Steven Universe! Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl learn as much from young Steven as they teach and the show is a bastion of queer bi-sexual, lesbian and nonbinary representation, centered around the basics of love and respect for ourselves and others. It is all the things that we should have been taught in school.

Every episode is a life lesson or reminder that we  are enough as we are whoever you are and how you present to the world. Although Garnet is my favorite Crystal Gem, I am pondering what my own gem might look like! Pyrite! Let’s see what I come up with! I will keep you posted.


My other costume idea is one that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I originally thought that a unicorn would be amazing in an 18th century outfit, and then I played with the idea of zombie Marie Antoinette when that was going around. But now I am thinking of another twist on the look, featuring the Hedgehog style wig of the day… mmmmmmmmm hoping I can make this happen!


I have been working on Refashions! I have a shirt dress that I did rather quickly that will most likely be posted before this one, but had to share something I have essentially been working on since Summer! I love this denim Jacket refashion, if you follow me on Instagram you have been seeing bits and pieces of the process for ahile now. It has lost it’s collar, cuffs, at one point half of its sleeves and then all of the sleeves. But the moment I tapped into my love of magickal symbolism I realized I was on to something special that would definitely inspire me to get back into this jacket. This is a labor of love and magick this applique embroidery spellcasting of mine….


And finally, there has been an equinox, and a new moon to celebrate. You can catch glimpses of my rituals and tarot check-ins on my Instagram. The lovely Meg of Miller’s Cabinets and Curiousities sent me this article about Lilith and the Black Moon that ended September. A wonderful read that you should definitely check out! In the center of my little collage of magickal moments is an image I regrammed from Black Witch Coven that makes me happy in many ways.  The full moon is coming up on the 16th loves, enjoy. Be true and aim high!

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