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Magick: New Moon, Journaling & Ritual

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Goddess Witchscape

Original artwork by Vanessa Leigh

I recently covered my journal dedicated to magick in leather. Some witches refer to it as a Book of Shadows, others as a grimoire, I kind of like the simplicity of magick journal. It was a simple thing to do, but it felt important. Not only because the salvaged scrap leather was beautiful and a gift from my dear friend and witchy boo, but it gave the place that I write about my spiritual life and ritual more weight. As to command more of my attention. The New Moon is here and we have just had a Lunar Eclipse. During the eclipse, the sun, moon and the earth line up and for few minutes, the dark moon eclipses the sun. In those few minutes the moon appears in all of its phases and at that time it is said magic can be done for any phase of the moon.


PicMonkey Collage

  • The Waning Moon is a timeto work ritual around removing energies, ending relationships, releasing that which does not serve you as well as curses, repelling negative energies, protection and cleansing spells.
  • The New Moon is a time to work ritual and spells for new beginnings, new projects, rejuvenation, dark works, personal improvement, employment, health money and banishment of that which doesn’t serve you.
  • The Waxing Moon can be used to bring growth, power, attraction, creativity, motivation, inspiration as well as luck, love and healing.
  • The Full Moon is a time when ritual is best used to bring knowledge, prosperity, divination, psychic abilities, guidance, fertility and romance. It is also a good time for decision making.


I have beengoing through it in the last week. As I sometimes do,  I have become overwhelmed and experienced some major anxiety. My body forced me to surrender and in the act of being emotionally swept away I journaled and I made art. In front of my himalayan crystal salt lamp, with frankincense burning to sooth me, I furiously wrote. I sought counsel from a favorite resource and exorcised the root of one immediate problem. And I made art for the Yaruban goddess Oya, intuitively, while still deep in my feelings. And it felt good to look down on the page and see my realizations.


So tonight (for you, last night) I take advantage of the eclipse and last day of waning moon to cleanse myself of that which that no longer serves me and do a ritual for self-healing. And tomorrow (or tonight for you) I will be setting my intentions for the waxing moon with love, for myself and those that I love, and asking for divine guidance from my Goddesses. There is so much beauty in ritual, healing too. And perhaps most of all clarity of intent and attention which can transform everything.


Happy New Moon Lovelies.


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Author: sweetvanessaleigh

I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

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