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Magick: New Moons & Stardust


New Moon1

Saturday was a New Moon. I find that my moon or menstrual cycle is pretty regularly in sync with the Moon. I love feeling like my body is in tune with nature. The New Year is treating me well so far. I am inspired and I have energy and I am working for goals and I’m excited about. It’s been busy already and now its time for the New Moon reminding me to make some magic with my intention setting for the year.


Since the New year began I have been clearing and cleansing my space and leaving the residue of 2015 behind.  I made my own smudge sticks from herbs I purchased at the grocery store. Growing your own is ideal, but it take nothing away from your intentions or magick to purchase smudge sticks or buy fresh herbs to make them with from the store. I just made sure to buy organic so that I am not burning toxic pesticides.


I used some sage, rosemary and basil. I set my intentions for what I wanted to clear and release and made two bundles, one with sage and Rosemary, the other with Basil and Sage. I wrapped both bundles of herbs with cotton string and let them hang to dry.  After drying for a couple of weeks they were both ready for use.12540741_10153156031242003_4488149183388023947_n

  • Sage is classically used for smudging. It has both medicinal properties and magickal properties like; cleansing,  healing,  longevity,money,  passion,  prosperity, psychic development,  psychic protection, purification and wisdom.
  • Rosemary is also used often. I love the smell and it feels very uplifting to me and rosemary is another herb good for purification, clarity, healing, protection and repelling negativity as well as a natural memory aid.
  • Basil is a wonderful addition for smudging. I value the magickal properties it offers; love, wealth, protection and courage.


With this first new moon of 2016, I set my intentions for the year. I tend to journal and create affirmations around them. Doing so, becomes a meditation. Along with smudging my house and sacred space I’ve been doing tarot readings and treating myself gently as we entered mercury in retrograde. It is a beautiful thing to partake in rituals. Last year was my year of Love. It was a gorgeous year in which I was completely dedicated to loving myself, digging deep into my own self awareness and self care. This year I will continue that journey and center on a year of ritual. I am not a fan of routine, but I do love ritual. I will be creating rituals for the things that are most important for me.

Bowie New Moon

Saturday night’s New Moon left me feeling energetic, light and playful. I volunteered at my favorite classic movie house – the Egyptian theater all day for an event and then stayed for a double feature that night. The movies were in honor of David Bowie’s birthday on Friday.  Sunday early morning David Bowie, one of my favorite  inspiring artists, died. I am so grateful to have been watching The Man Who Fell to Earth for the first time, on his last night on earth. We are stardust.


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