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ReFashion 2015 Kimono Style Robe




Last week I previewed my kimono style robe along with my upsized pants to jeggings ReFashion. This week I’m breaking down the Kimono Style Robe ReFashion from a thrifted skirt! I was a huge fan of this skirt on first sight. It was unusual, and a steal at $10.00. I scored it on FB from Zoe’s Vintique which also sells on Instagram. What you can’t necessarily see in my picture is that it’s covered in reflective sequins. Le sigh.

First of all, being a large bodied woman in the world, gathered skirts, especially gathered elastic waist skirts are one of the few items I often find at thrift stores that fit me, as is. Gathered skirts are also very simple to upsize. Secondly, with a few fabulous exceptions, I am not crazy about wearing this style of skirt, so repurposing this style is ideal for me. Also, they are generally found in paisleys, florals and ethnic inspired prints perfect for a kimono or robe.

Mask 2a

The breakdown. My approach to all ReFashions follows the same formula. Envision your new garment. Deconstruct your old garment, if necessary. Reassemble your garment. Finish with  attention to detail. Rock your new garment!

Materials: A Mid-length full gathered skirt, scissors, a seam ripper, a threaded sewing machine or needle and thread for hand sewing. The same result can also be achieved by using heat bond and an iron to close seams.

Kimono Style Robe How To

  • First I picked out the seam of my waistband and side seams. This left me with a long rectangle of double layered fabric.
  • I then oriented the fabric so that the decorative border would appear on my sleeves.
  • Next I turned the garment inside out, sewed up the top seam and then the side seams about 2/3 of the way up.
  • Next I cut off the excess decorative border on the inside of the kimono. I then reattached them to the bottom of my kimono.
  • Lastly, I finished up by hemming the neck seam.

Tip: If working with a beaded or sequined fabric you will want to remove any beads or sequins where you plan to use a sewing machine or the heat bond tape method.

Optional: With excess fabric make a simple tie belt so that you can wear it as a robe.


So needless to say, I’ll be making more of these babies. If not for easy layering in fabulous outfits then for lounging around the house. I quite like lounging around in my ReFashioned Kimonos.

I will wait til January for my year end review on ReFashion 2015, so I can try to fit in another couple of ReFashions before the year is up!

This Is REFashion Kimono




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8 thoughts on “ReFashion 2015 Kimono Style Robe

  1. Wow. Brilliant! I can see several of these in my future. Hope I didn’t insult you with my take on the jeans; trying to be honest, which doesn’t always translate well online.

  2. LOVE this post/kimono, and I love the images here – so much fun!

  3. Excellent. Love your simple explanations!

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