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Love: Transgender Awareness Week



Nov. 20th is Transgender Remembrance day and marks the end of Transgender Awareness Week November 14-20.


This past Saturday on the 14th I went to the 2nd Annual San Fernando Valley Pride March and Conference organized by Somos Familia Valle and it was such a gorgeous day. Beautiful folx celebrating the spectrum of gender and sexual identity from the point of view of people of color, specifically Latinx.


A day of talks and workshops were all about sharing stories and strategies on how to serve the LGBTQIA community in the Valley with goals of a San Fernando Valley LGBTQIA community center. The highlights for me were workshops on Immigration on an end to deportations,  Sexual Education, and a panel discussion on Trans Liberation featuring vibrant activists Joseline Hernandez, Tanya Chacon and Bamby Salcedo.


At one point, Bamby Salcedo said that she was fortunate to be her age. That the average lifespan of a Transperson is 35. This shook me to the core. This is as a direct result of criminal violence and social alienation leading to suicide. In 2015 over 21 Transwomen and who knows how many more genderfluid people have been murdered. If this isn’t a state of emergency, what is?


I first saw these gorgeous posters on Buzzfeed today. Each poster is for sale and benefits a non profit organization.  They were created as part of Transgender Day Of Resilience Art Project. Visit the site to find out more about the artists and organizations behind these posters. You can also find where near you National Trans Marches Of Resilience are taking place.


End the culture of violence against Trans folx. Be an ally to Transgender people. Allyship is action. Spread awareness, seek understanding have respect for and show love to our Trans sisters, brothers and genderfluid family. Create safe spaces, hold space, give love.


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2 thoughts on “Love: Transgender Awareness Week

  1. Sharing…thanks in particular for the Allyship link.

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