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ReFashion 2015: Cleopatra 2095


Cleopatra 2095 ReFashion 2015

I was sick for Halloween and still am but its all good because what I love about Halloween is living a little bit of fantasy for a little while and everybody else partaking in it too. Because let’s face it, I could do this all day everyday. I found that seeing all of my buddies on social media rock their costumes was really quite satisfying. And of course, I get to share my ensemble with you here. So all is well.


This year I played with so many ideas a couple I shared with you here, but in the end, Cleo was calling me.  I love the concept of Afrofuturism and although I LOVE Liz Taylor, Claudette Colbert and Theda Bara’s portrayals of our queen in film, I thought I’d take my Cleo to another place.


I am such a 20th-century girl and there are too many decades to love as far as fashion, but the 60s silhouettes are pretty badass and as some of these new silhouettes  emerged and sci-fi went mainstream, I came to associate the shapes of the era with the future. So my retro-future look was born.

Materials Cleopatra 2095

Some thrifted sequins fabric, thrifted & refashioned gladiators, thrifted gold snake like costume necklaces and a handmade headpiece does one Cleopatra 2095 make. Not to mention a party dress in time for holiday season. The Make will be detailed on my next post along with some styling ideas for my new favorite easy dress.

Cleopatra 2095 ReFashion 2015 A

Afrofuture Cleopatra 2Afrofuture Cleopatra 1

To the future! More ReFashions to come lovelies!


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9 thoughts on “ReFashion 2015: Cleopatra 2095

  1. I wouldn’t have thought you could top your Frida, but somehow you have!

  2. Stunning, as always – that gold dress looks gorgeous on you! I feel like this would make a great girls night outfit, too, maybe just minus the headdress 😉

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  4. omg- this is so good! You look amazing. I love your makeup. That is some straight up Siouxsie goodness 😀

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