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The Empowerment Project: Soul


The Empowerment Project - Soul1

In preparation for the Autumn Equinox, I converted a shelf into an altar to the four elements. All of which I connect to very deeply. Fire, Earth, Air, Water. It was  a really joyful experience to do so. I felt peaceful and centered and more grounded after creating this little, sacred space.

Don’t forget to look up into the sky tomorrow night. It is a Harvest Full Moon which also happens to be a Full Lunar Eclipse tomorrow. A time to let go. As the full moon decreases in size or starts to wane (Waning Moon) it is a time to release and let go. So I will be making a list of things to release during this Mercury in Retrograde….

Elements 6

This is my year of Love. My singular goal for the year has been to act and think and live from a place of love. It has been a challenge since I am a perfectly imperfect person. I am a loving thoughtful, giving person, but I realized that my life gets a lot harder when I am not physically and/or mentally engaged with something greater than myself.

That can mean so many things and does. From giving my time and self in service to people in my life to just acknowledging that I am a daughter of the Universe.

Elements 5

If you follow me on Instagram you will find that I use a hashtag #WeAreStardust. And we are! Knowing that and simply saying that makes me feel empowered, and a part of something greater and connected to others, connected to nature, connected to myself. Connecting to myself is key.

I check in with myself about how I am feeling. I question my motivations often enough to check my intent but try not to be obsessed…. It’s those little things that are making my life more intentional. I live with intention these days. I make a concerted effort to live from a place of soul rather than ego. It just takes a shift of perception sometimes to go from one to the other.Elements 4

When I am in a place of ego, I am trying to control perceptions, outcomes, and even actual events and it is generally a place where I feel insecure. When I am in a place of soul I am able to just be. I am present and engaged and feel open instead of closed because I feel secure. So for me Soul vs. Ego is very much about being in a state of grace where peace is attainable.

It’s the act of giving gratitude, the desire to connect to nature, the exercise of practicing yoga and creating rituals for living that gives me that peace.

Elements 2

The more I feel as if my words, actions, and experiences are coming from a place of soul, the less I am wanting, resenting and judging and the more I shine. I am realizing the more time I put into feeding my spirit, which for me means connecting myself to the earth, to others, to the Universe, the more fulfilled I feel.

To a life of Soul.


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2 thoughts on “The Empowerment Project: Soul

  1. This is so great. Good luck with your beautiful year 😀

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