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A Review: My Bra Outlet


My Bra Outlet Header

I really like underwear and am obsessed with finding the right bras. I would love to be one of those “let them hang” girls, cuz I love some side boob, but it just isn’t it in the cards for me and my DDs! So as fortune would have it a couple of months ago, I got a dreamy email from My Bra Outlet ( an online plus size bra and underwear outlet) asking me to sample some of the merchandise. Uh, yes please – I was all about it. Bras are one of those things that I have to buy and there is nothing worse than spending good money on a bad bra. So, being gifted two new bras to try out a new resource I had never heard of was pretty awesome.

My Bra Outlet Gilded

I went to the website to peruse their shop and was bummed to see no plus size models. But I was relieved to find that the bras are plentiful in styles and goes up to size 56 I in bras and corsets and up to 5XL in underwear. And the retail prices are really amazing, the retail prices for the bras I ordered were $10 and $11 for bras I would presume retail for up to $50. Sold! I can actually afford to shop here! And, unlike Ross and other “discount retailers” it is actually overstock from established brands, and not specially manufactured for said discount store. Me Likey.

Gilded Bra 2

I was impressed by the serious construction and quality of the bras. Both the pretty black and pink lace number and my brown floral were a perfect fit. I have been wearing 44 DD and the Euro sizing labels read 44E. But there is an accurate sizing chart that makes it easy to confirm your size so no worries. Because it is an overstock retailer, certain styles will be available in limited sizes.

Gilded Bra1Gilded Bra

So in case you missed it, I am loving My Bra Outlet!


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2 thoughts on “A Review: My Bra Outlet

  1. Well, I know where I’ll be shopping next time I need bras…thanks!

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