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Untamed Style: Summer Hair


US Summer HaR Header!

Sunday was a good day. I was feeling good, my creativity was flowing and I had a fun visit with my favorite redheaded soul sister Ruby and her precious baby boy, my nephew Clovis, the most charming French bulldog you will ever meet. I promise.


My Untamed Style sisters and I are doing a post on hair! Not my first choice of subjects since I have a long and frustrating history with my own hair. My hair is the texture of cotton candy, it’s fine, but there is a lot of it. Managing it has always been pretty labor intensive in its natural state. So, I pretty much have been growing locs or shaving my head for the last 20 years. This post is about me keeping cool and getting my hair off of my neck! So I did a pipe cleaner set.

Styling and Protective Style Pipecleaners

I like to do a pipe cleaner set after I have washed my hair and conditioned it with coconut oil. Coconut oil and olive oil are pretty much the only products I use on my hair besides vegetable soap and or a conditioner for washing. The style is both protective style to keep my hair from being stressed or damaged as well as a cute easy hairstyle. After I take the pipe cleaners out, I end up with waves or curls. So two hairstyles for the work of one! Win/win!

Scarf Styling

Once I have my pipe cleaner set in,  I shape my coils thanks to the wire I can manipulate them. Afterward, I grab my favorite scarf and like to embellish with a bow to the back, doubled wrapped with a bow to the top, or a singular floppy bow tucked into itself turban style. And voila! My look is complete, for now. Stay tuned for part two, where I take down the pipe cleaners.


Check out how my Untamed Style Sister, Zadry rocks her hair!

Zadry Link!


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7 thoughts on “Untamed Style: Summer Hair

  1. Eeeeps!! It’s so cute with the pipe cleaners in!! I can’t wait to see it once it’s set!! Major heart eye emojis!!!


    • Thanks love! I love that people like this styling set. I suspect they like it more than when its just normal. LOL Thanks babe! It’s a fun set and anyone can do it. It it a throwback to rag curls. 💄 ❤

  2. oooh! that’s such a cute idea! I’ve never tried pipe cleaner twists. You look adorable with the scarf also, it’s 2 in 1 look babe! <3!!!

    • Thanks Love! It’s fun! The only thing that can be rough about this set is pipe cleaners ARE wired so watch out for tucking in those ends. OH AND WARNING. I totally forgot ot say in the post don’t wear this style to the airport! You will set off the alarm! LOL True story. I should write an XOJane It Happened to Me article about it.

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  4. I love your hair when the pipe cleaners are in it. So cute! And the curls afterwards… Glorious!

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