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Thoughts: Social Media, White Privilege & Why Black Folks aren’t Too Sensitive



I wanted to share more of my thoughts and observations about racism with you here and encourage you to check out this piece I’ve written for a new online media project, Blk Grrrl. I actually wrote it over a month ago in response to the rise of racist violence and institutionalized violence, against Black people here in the U.S. often discussed around the human rights campaign #BlackLivesMatter

In looking back at this last year, I contemplate how this has impacted me my personal relationships and online relationships depending on how people in my life are or are not responding to this devastatingreality. I will be a regular contributor to this great project where Black women sharing the vast experience of what it is to be a Black girl. If you would be interested in contributing, go the website and contact Teka Lark Fleming.

Excerpt from Social Media, White Privilege & Why Black Folks aren’t Too Sensitive

We live in a country where white is the default; beauty is measured in standards defined by whiteness. Racial controversies can appear small, but are common place.  Remember the racist backlash from white fans (largely millennials), when Amandla Stenberg, a young mixed race actress who plays  Rue in The Hunger Games discussed race in her Tumblr video, “Don’t Cash Crop my Corn Rows”?

Social media racial backlash often gets brutally ugly —very quickly.


When these issues come up on my Facebook feed the “discussions” quickly turn into a battleground. Those discussions turn personal quickly and the argument becomes “I’m not racist,” or “This isn’t about racism.” People throw out that there is another reason, another way, another issue, but those reasons or issues are never racism.

White people don’t like to discuss racism unless they are assured that they are not racist.  If you can’t give them that assurance, it is a problem.

WE are too sensitive.

WE Black folks are always making it about race…. [Continue Reading on Blk Grrrl]

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7 thoughts on “Thoughts: Social Media, White Privilege & Why Black Folks aren’t Too Sensitive

  1. I’m just going to put this out there – this isn’t JUST a race issue. Whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, gay, straight, religious, mentally ill, people ALL around the world are hated on, treated poorly, bashed, raped, ignored, repressed… social media has the power to connect people and strengthen them, but it’s also making it a lot easier to facelessly torture each other; it’s never ending and it’s heart breaking. Which to me, says it’s not just a race issue; it’s a HUMAN issue. Ignorance breeds contempt, and until we can ALL be willing to learn about each other and be open to each others’ ideas without thinking that one is right and the other is wrong, or some of us HAVE to be better than or superior to others, until we can all truly accept each other and ourselves as being equals, nothing will change, regardless of race… 😦

  2. As a matter of fact Jess this is a race issue. It is a post on the topic of anti-Black systematic violence here in the United States where there is an entrenched history of dehumanizing Black people beginning with but not ending with slavery. It pains me that you refuse to acknowledge the aubject matter of this post….. Acknowledgement is the beginning to real change. I hope you read the entire article.

  3. The flag is finally coming down in South Carolina. How sad that it took nine lives to put the OBVIOUS on the political radar. As a Northerner, I was stunned by all the memorials to Civil War heroes in Charleston and New Orleans – and how blacks have to walk by them every day. There are so many things that we whites are oblivious about. For one small example, how many black faces look back at you from the covers of major magazines?

    • Yes I agree Meg. It is stunning, but it;s just another example of all the people​ in the country who never have to think twice about race. It’s just time to pay attention to how we aren’t giving racism the attention required to move forward – and the consequences that has had so far.

  4. As a total outsider (Canadian but living in Asia & Europe for the past 20 years) the news & images I see from the US regarding this horrific issue leave me absolutely speechless with fury & disgust.

    So many of your facebook updates have brought me to tears, both from sadness & frustration at the racist insanity that still prevails in 2015 – how can a country that claims to be the “land of the free & home of the brave” shackle so many (literally & figuratively) and create such cowardice & fearfulness to anything that is “different”?

    • Thanks Sheri. It’s pretty frightening. Any of this could be happening to anyone I know and love just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having the wrong skin color including me. That is terrifying and also makes me angry. It is indifference, that is killing people. It is indifference and denial that needs to end for us to move on.

  5. A friend just sent me this, thought I’d share. Very, very powerful poem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=245&v=A9DhsymA9tQ

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