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Sustainable Style: Living Space Moodboard



So my current living situation is not my ideal. Currently the space I live in is not mine to design, but I had a revelation recently that I needed to focus some serious energy into manifesting the ideal home situation I want, starting with personalizing my actual living space to reflect my aesthetic and better suit my needs. So its time to do that. Slowly but surely using only what I have to reimagine my living space in temporary projects. With that in mind, I was reveling on my Pinterest and revisiting some seriously amazing interiors I have pinned.

My love of an eclectic bohemian vibe lead me straight to Justina Blakeney, designer, DIY queen, and maker. One of the things I love most about Justina is that she comes from a very DIY casual and down to earth place. She also advocates sustainability and thrifting! Which is obviously my take on design too. Justina Blakeney made me so happy with her most recent post on her blog about grouping objects in the design. I think I am going to tackle grouping and styling my tiny work-space shelving as my first project. download928183f637e0c44b9d888c8fb69b8542 jungalow window seat justina blakeney a11ccd1bbfb8c2da11cf1e1fdf5ea83e OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



c0e5b45d25ed679bdf8286366084017c PicMonkey Collage

Images from Justina Blakeney, Design Sponge, Old Brand New,  Apartment Therapy, and Home Tree Atlas. These images speak to me in my goal to be more steadfast in honoring where I am now. Let the home projects begin!


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3 thoughts on “Sustainable Style: Living Space Moodboard

  1. I love all of this. Especially that wall hanging with the tassles. I love tassles.

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