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ReFashion 2015: The Peasant Swing Dress


Swing Peasant Dress Header

ReFashion 2015 Continues with more Summer ReFashions.  One of my favorite things is upsizing thrifted finds! The only limit to what I can wear is my imagination. Everyday ease is my summer mission and I am continuing to share my Summer Wardrobe Capsule. Or the BASIX I’m remaking from my closet and will live in all summer long!


You may remember this dress from My RomanceYoself Valentines inspired post! It was never a perfect fit and even in this before picture I had tucked the excess fabric in the torso into the waistband. Very few items work exactly as they are. It is a blessing when they do. But I debated how to adjust this dress to make it wearable. I decided to change the silhouette altogether and get rid of the waist to create a bit of  swing dress affect. I think it works and is light as air making it perfect for hot L.A. Summers!

  1. First I cut the top of the dress off just below the ruffle.
  2. Then I trimmed the elasticized waist and remaining fabric from the bottom.
  3. I sewed the two pieces together creating an almost empire waist.
  4. The first ribbon of sheer lace in the skirt now hits me right at the waist flirting with my bare belly. I am feeling pretty excited about my baby step too! ❤
  5. I am still playing with the idea of adding some personalized embroidery or dying the dress. I would love to do an all natural dye process. Decisions, decisions…. to works in progress.
  6. Voila! My newly shaped peasant dress is making me super happy! Can’t wait to finish my upcoming clog refashion! The perfect summer festival ensemble! ❤

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Dress: Thrifted & ReFashioned
Shoes: DSW years ago.


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I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

14 thoughts on “ReFashion 2015: The Peasant Swing Dress

  1. Love your attitude. Your rock this frock and the colour red!! I love the pouty pose pic.

  2. I love how you refashioned it. This is a skill I need to develop, but lack greatly! I’m inspired when I see others success. Nicely done!

    • Kathy thank you! It makes me so happy you found this helpful! I agree its a useful skill and the reason I do this on the blog is to inspire others to think aobut reworking their own wardrobe! ❤ Thanks so much for commenting!

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