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The Priestess of Whispering Fire


Leo1 The title alludes to a fabulous Tarot Card Name quiz my soul sister and Untamed Style sister Pia introduced me too.  This is so very relevant to my existence.  At 21 I worked at the Psychic Eye Bookshop where I dabbled in palmistry, new age books, discovered the tarot, had a psychic reading (which petrified me), and my chart done.  I ‘ve loved tarot, the goddesses, and astrology ever since. zodiac1 This month, the #UntamedStyle theme is the Zodiac! What’s your sign? I am a Leo. Which I strongly identify with. We love adornment, the  dramatic, are confident and natural leaders who can be a tad bit controlling… Ah well. Leo is symbolized by the lion, the ruby, the metal gold, the sunflower and is ruled by the element of fire. I found all of these great detailed descriptions of Leo symbolism on this website. 10453470_10152767331232003_7291692965751592852_n Sekhmet was a lion-headed Egyptian goddess known as the Eye of Ra. Like the sun, she has the power to protect and nurture “the good” and annihilate “the bad”. I love Sekhmet. I relate strongly to the power of the sun. Although Lions are associated with the sun, the Lioness is a lunar animal. My growing affinity for the moon is explained…. The lion apparently shares the world of both night and day and promotes balance.

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In alchemy, lions are associated with gold. Gold is a transitional metal symbolic of flexibility. Sunflowers are also symbolic of friendship, sharing and being open to new environments. Leo shares these same qualities. Sunflowers move their heads in the direction of the sun as do we, Leos. We seek the light.

11312592_10152767345397003_2900326741626733103_o The Ruby symbolizes loyalty, confidence, and faith. “Leo’s are encouraged to wear rubies to enhance their sense of loyalty to a group or cause. When worn by a Leo, rubies can also augur calm and clarity.  This is an excellent influence if a Leo is going through bouts of anger, frustration or confusion.” I will definitely be seeking out rubies or garnets now that I have read this. Zodiac4 I found these lovely words on a guide to your Astrological Goddess Power.  “Never underestimate this awesome power that you have, which is really a gift to everyone. Your purpose on the planet is to help others see, if not feel, if not experience the loving gifts you accept so graciously. Receiving positive energy from others is really a form of self-love that many reject.  You are here to teach others and give to them this wonderful energy. And in giving to them, you take nothing from yourself, which makes you totally fabulous and a true Goddess.” 11133823_10152767114957003_6547777249684904707_n

I am attaining.

For more fabulous Zodiac Signs, check out my Untamed Style Sisters throughout the weekend!

Michelle, Veronica, Aarti, Margot, Pia  & Zadry!


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  3. You did us leos proud with this post!


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