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The Denim Sack Dress


Header Denim Sack Dress

ReFashion 2015 Continues with another thrifted number for my Gone Thrifting Crew! Here is the first of my Summer wardrobe capsule! A sack dress AND a shirt dress. Two items off of my inspiration boards! I am super excited about it too!

Before After Denim Sack Dress

I scored both of these denim shirts at thrift shops, one of them for a $1! I love a denim shirt but honestly wasn’t wearing either one and have always liked denim on denim. So finally I got it together!

I am all about a western yoke denim shirt and decided that clearly the yoked shirt had to be the primary part of the dress. Since it was lighter in color it creates a subtle ombre with the color blocking.

  1. I cut off the bottom of the darker shirt and pinned it to the lighter shirt.
  2. I then sewed the pieces together lining up the snaps and buttons.
  3. Next I cut off the sleeves and adjusted the armholes.
  4. I really liked the idea of adding an extra denim detail so I removed the cuffs from the sleeves and added to the armhole.

P.S. I sew but I can’t stand ironing. But believe the seams are nice and even.


Denim Sack Dress Denim Sack Dress1

ReFashion 2015 continues with more summer staples in my Closet Makeover.


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13 thoughts on “The Denim Sack Dress

  1. I love this! I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer capsule.

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