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Making Good


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In my last ReFashion2015 Post I told you about the “Making Good” Blog train! Well today is the day lovelies! This series is hosted by Agatha from Green Issues by Agy  .

The purpose of Making Good is to sit with valuing what we have and choosing to repair an item before discarding it.  As Judith of Juicy Green Momma put it so well “Some see repair as a way of reconnecting with our possessions as we extend their lives. Others see it as a form of creative potential and an avenue to express their craft.  Follow the“Making Good” blog train and see how we are repairing and reconnected with our belongings.

I have worn these shoes to death! I love them and felt very fortunate to find them at one of my favorite thrift stores. They were in great condition, but I have in fact worn them out a bit. Although they look good from the top on the sides they are cracking and the fabulous fine glitter surface was peeling in places!

Before cracking sequins finish

How toI got old school crafty with it and decided to Mod Podge it! It is always a fun project to stick some glitter on something, no matter how old you are. I have some gold Glitter but not nearly as fine as the original finish, but I decided that wasn’t a problem.

  • Supplies: Newspaper/rags Matte Mod Podge, Mod Podge Sealer Spray, A craft brush, A glass jar and Gold glitter!
  • I poured mod podge into the jar and then added the glitter
  • Next, I filled my shoes with the circulars to protect the inside
  • After that, I used the brush to start applying to problem areas
  • I allowed my shoes to dry in the sun and checked the coverage.
    During applications
  • I was pretty heavy handed with the glue and added more glitter on spots that needed more coverage like in the pics above.
  • After three applications I was happy with the coverage and used Mod Podge sealer to secure my new finish. Voila! The finished product!


The best part is I got even more shine! Finding these shoes made me so happy! Repairing them maybe even more so!  Keep following the train tomorrow with Joy of Xoxo Grandma and see what she’s been Making Good.


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Author: sweetvanessaleigh

I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

8 thoughts on “Making Good

  1. Another triumph! (I’m totally diggin’ the new blog look! ❤ )

  2. As Ben Franklin said, “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without!”

  3. ohhh so pretty! so sparkly! such golden beauty! I hadn’t thought to use modpodge and glitter to fix a pair of shoes – brilliant!

    • Thanks so much I wouldn’t have either, but I will say that I having leftover modpodge mixed with glitter I am eyeing some other shoes for a facelift! Great for kids shoes too! ❤

  4. What a brilliant repair – I didn’t know mod podge would do the trick but let me know how they hold up 🙂 Thank you for taking part! And i’m loving the new blog look. Very stylish!

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