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ReFashion 2015: Summer Wardrobe Capsule!


ReFashion 2015 continues! So My loves a project within a project. We are almost halfway into the year and this project! People, the time goes quickly! Two things!

11164613_943794012322038_6733002597590496421_oFirst I am part of a fabulous project called Making Good initiated by the amazing Agatha Lee of Green Issues By Agy Blog. I love her Fix it Friday’s which are dedicated to repairing clothing and non-clothing items instead of throwing them away. She has expanded it with the blog train #MakingGood for the month of May. I will be posting my contribution this week! But you can go to the blog and catch up on some amazing repairs from my fellow Blog Train mates now!


Second! Today I am sharing my plans for my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration! Putting some thought into what I’ll be rocking this summer is an act of self-care and about simplifying for me! From how I look in certain items to how comfortable I am, Summer style has never been my forte. I just have never had enough easy hot weather pieces that I wanted to wear all of the time. A typical uniform for me consists of things that I just don’t have enough of in my closet! Since I do wear the same things week after week I decided to make and remake some summer staples that reflect what I AM wearing and my style. Here is a look into what is informing my Summer inspiration!

MixMatch Separates

First off, it is time to catch up on separates! I hardly have any! Mix and match separates are the groundwork for a great closet.

  • For one, I have a serious shortage of tops. So my plan is to transform some dresses I am not wearing into separates for that adorable matched set look as well as some into tops and/or skirts!
  • The big risk is shorts! I don’t dislike my legs – cellulite and all, but I do dislike chub-rub, fabric hiking up between my thighs and having to pull them down constantly. So I intend to find my perfect shorts pattern or style. I am determined to make some shorts this before the summer is done! Wish me luck!

Pinafore Inspo

I am in love with the Pinafore. I have always been a sucker for an apron, so an apron inspired dress makes sense for me. A pinafore style can immediately ring cute or hippie for some, but it can also get pretty edgy. I don’t mind any of the three actually.

  • I think it might be my ultimate solution to feeling comfortable rocking a crop top or even a tube top to wear it under a pinafore. We’ll see!
  • Pinafores are a great solution for refashioning skirts I am not wearing.
  • Pinafores also can range from overall styles to suspender skirt styles and is an instant fabulous detail for an outfit. #UGH LURVE!

Sack Dress Inspo

I have a dress I made not dissimilar to the blue dress on the bottom left. Every time I wear it I am complimented. EVERY Time. Chic and relaxed wins every time, adding funky jewelry, scarves, a jacket/blazer and your choice of ballet flats, sandals, high tops, lace up boots or booties personalizes this amazing staple.

  • A Sack or Shift dress works in any fabric and is pretty much season less
  • The solution for my love of tunics. Leggings transform the dress as do layers. LURVE!
  • It is a simple way to rock major color and pattern
  • I feel comfortable and stylin’ in a sack dress EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

So my lovelies! There you have my plan for a FAB summer wardrobe capsule. Time to Make! Have you given any thought to your typical summer uniform? ❤


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