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Love Fashion & Hate Sweatshops? What You CAN Do!

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Two years ago on April 24 the Rana Plaza Building collapsed in Bangledesh where over 1,100 garment workers were killed and  2,500 others survived many seriously pemanently injured due to unsafe work conditions.  Rana Plaza was an 8 story building that housed 5 different garment factories producing garments for major fashion retailers. April 24 is a Day of Action for Rana Plaza garment workers/survivors their families.

Associated Press Image of Rana Plaza on April 24, 2013

Associated Press Image of Rana Plaza on April 24, 2013

I will be participating in #SewSolidarity which is a hashtag campaign by UK organization TRAID to sew in solidarity with the workers of Bangledesh. TRAID is asking us to sew in solidarity with Bangledesh workers, and show by example how we can extend the life of our clothes while bringing attention to and advocating for compensation for Rana Plaza workers who were pledged millions of dollars in compensation by fast fashion corporations that they have not received.

Rebecca lost her limbs in Rana Plaza

Rebecca lost her limbs in Rana Plaza

Some of the retailers who have not completed their donation yet, and produce garments out of Bangledesh either at Rana Plaza or other facilities are Benetton, JC Penny, The Children’s Place, Mango and many more. The Clean Clothes project along with other organizations have a #PayUp campaign. They also have additional campaigns working on fair wages for the workers of Bangledesh, whose economy is dependent on the fashion industry. Fast Fashion hurts and making Retailers accountable is one way we can help! For more info on #PayUp visit the website!

The amazing site Labour Behind the Label has a great list of actions for more ways to bring solidarity and attention to the struggle for justice for the Rana Plaza garment factory workers:

  • Download the action menu for a full list of things to do
  • Commit to taking action on, or in advance of, April 24, 2015, by signing up to this facebook event.
  • Check if there is a demonstration already happening near you on this map. If there isn’t one that you can join, find a Benetton or Asda store near you, and plan a demonstration for April 24th with some friends. Add it to the map!
  • If you only have a few minutes, post a solidarity message on facebook or twitter such as: ‘No one should die for the price of cheap t-shirt. Remember #RanaPlaza.’ or ‘Cheap Ts cost lives. Remember #RanaPlaza. #Solidarity’
  • Set a reminder on your phone to hold a minute of silence on 24 April, at 11.34 to remember the 1134 people who died two years ago

Labour Behind the Label also has other initiatives for justice for fast fashion workers around the world.

English Youth in the Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops Campaign

Love fashion, but hate sweatshops and unfair treatment of garment workers. Next up will be my #SewSolidarity ReFashion! Can’t wait!


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