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The Empowerment Project: Goddesses & Gratitude



If you follow me on Instagram you may have witnessed my Goddess Journey. In my lovely little yoga journey and empowerment project I have embraced the Goddesses. It started in January with a #Goddess365 “challenge.” It was initiated by Karissa @thegivingmom and Haley @haleyblackmenyoga who began our journey with daily prompts around individual Goddesses and archetypes. I  have done many a challenge with the Kundalini loving Karissa and this is my first with Haley. It has been a gift, much like journaling.


It started out as a daily practice and has transformed to a weekly activity this month. I am going on 3 months and 3 weeks into this lovely journeying.

Through it I am constantly revealing myself, learning about myself, tapping into my voice and finding gratitude. I have used this opportunity to will myself well with affirmations, share my joy, and celebrate the daily things I no longer wish to take for granted.   I thought I’d share some of my posts periodically here on the blog for the rest of the challenge. Welcome to my Goddess Journey.


#Goddess365 #TheNurturingGoddess #Day56 The image is a repost from @avocadostonefaces, incredible and inspiring sculpture by #JanCampbell.#VenusOfWillendorf The first time I saw this Goddess, I was elated. Because in her I recognized MY body. It marked the first time that I could imagine being seen as a Goddess. It marked a transformative step in my personal, physical and sexual development. Having recently invited the Venus into my life once again it feels equally transformational, 20 years later. The sense of elation lives in my spirit, like muscle memory. #GoddessLife #Goddess #Spirit #Love#Light #SelfLove #SelfAcceptance #Moon #IamMagic #IamStardust


#Goddess365 #Day80 #TheEmpowermentGoddess #IshikoreDome#ShintoGoddess I celebrate Boldness, strength, freedom and self worth in the light of Ishikore-Dome, Goddess of the arts and excellence. Stones and Mirrors are her symbols and protector of stone cutters. I adore that. Today I am one day closer to my most powerful self. Gratitude to the Goddess! #Love #Light #Yoga #IamStardust #MakeMagic

Today I am grateful for the Universe sending so many reminders that I was meant to thrive.
Today I am grateful for a weekend of Love and Laughter with my tribe.
Today I am grateful to have finished a project for a friend that made me grow.
Today I am grateful for the ability to sit under this roof, at this keyboard and share and reflect.
Today I am elated for all that I have to be grateful for. So very much.

Gratitude to the Goddesses!


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Author: sweetvanessaleigh

I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

4 thoughts on “The Empowerment Project: Goddesses & Gratitude

  1. I love following your journey! As always, you inspire me.

  2. And I am grateful for you and all yo u have to teach us about yoga and refashioning our wardrobe!

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