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ReFashion2015: Spectator Sport


Spectator Sport

ReFashion 2015 Continues Lovelies! Sometimes all it takes is a quick and dirty upgrade! I have become a huge fan of my little FolkArt Metallic waterbased non toxic paints. I have used them on 3 pairs of shoes so far and am pretty happy with them so far!


 I wore this outfit to a screening of Blade Runner at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Too much fun with my two favorite blondes! Dinner, a movie and a some Old Hollywood casual glam. Even if no one else dresses up i like to pay homage doing my subtle theme thing.

11046626_10152602165677003_2914820237009245453_nNow for the Shoes! I have been wanting a great pair of oxfords for some time. I am really not one for cheap shoes, but when I came across these cute shoes at the thrift store, I couldn’t refuse! For the record Steve Madden and I don’t get along. I find the shoes cheap and ill fitting frankly. But because I was I found them at the thrift shop I was willing to work with them. The simple black and white oxfords were too cute to pass up and a bit too big which meant there was space for some serious comfort shoe inserts to counterbalance the thin flat soles. Also I am checking out how I might be able to add a more substantial heel and maybe even a more sole. The shoe cobbler won’t do any of that because their so inexpensive, but I’m going to try to bump up the quality on these guys a bit. Cuz that’s just how I roll!

PicMonkey CollageThat being said, Such a simple redux. The technique I use to paint shoes is outlined on my ShoeBoot ReFashion. But again because these shoes aren’t leather the staying power of applying paint is limited so the paint job like the shoes are unfortunately temporary. I am definitely still on the hunt for a well made quality oxford but in the mean time I’ve recycled a very cute shoe that will do for now!

10401585_10152602197442003_263135884923058134_n 11049481_10152602175382003_4166826838566220632_n

11038108_10152602165582003_1701211102470653363_n Dress: One of my best Thrifted finds in a while!
Scarf: Oldie but Goodie from my Closet
Sweater Coat: Made my Moi, SweetLeigh
Shoes: Thrifted, ReFashioned


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7 thoughts on “ReFashion2015: Spectator Sport

  1. I am so in love with these posts! So inspiring!

  2. GORGEOUS! As always! Looks like they’ll more than do the job until you can hunt down a more quality pair!

  3. oh i like the gold touch on the shoes, great work! I need to refashion a few of my shoes and clothes too! Thanks for the inspiration.

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