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ReFashion 2015: Wardrobe Vision Board Pt. 2


In the first installment of my Wardrobe Vision Board Post I talked about figuring out the shapes and silhouettes that work best for me and identifying Basix that I have and need in my wardrobe. For me these are key to my Closet Makeover & Wardrobe ReFashion. The rest is all about getting really specific about your ReFashion Inspiration.

The third thing you need for your refashioning is Inspiration– So now that we know what works for us, what we have, and what we need – we can focus on the details! You have your list of ideal basix next up is some concrete inspiration. Images of great design that speaks to you with special details could transform your closet into STAPLES. Think of these inspiration pics as a template for altering those items in your closet that aren’t working!

Tunic InspirationTop Row Details:

  • Loving the sheer layer band at the bottom of the tunic.
  • I am a sucker for a long slim line tunic with a deep slit
  •  Cap sleeves are a simple make and is one of my favorites for hot weather.
  • I hadn’t thought about it before I saw the dress on the top right but both the color blocking is a great template to mix prints with scrap fabrics and the asymmetrical slit is a great detail in a tunic.

Bottom Row Details:

  • I love the longer bell sleeves!
  • A tunic that doubles as a tent dress, yes.
  • The wrap component of this makes me happy.
  • A classic tunic that definitely is long enough to work as a dress, hey I have some dresses that could easily double as tunics!

Denim Inspiration

I have never been a fan of jeans really, but these items have great Details:

  • Embroidery. Or an embroidery alternative. I am not a cutesy girl really but there is such sophistication in this simple white embroidery on this denim shirt. Gorgeous. Pick an image you love and will always love and go for it. Embroidery, transfer, painting, whatever the method, personalize.
  • I love the shape of the woman’s pants and jacket on the right. My fear of being round is over. I AM round and sometimes I like round silhouettes in my clothing. The pants are great and may be a way to go on future jean refashions.
  • The Jogger. You know I like it! The jean Jogger is so happening in my closet.
  • I love the idea of this cutout and I also love that it is on a “cigarette pant”. Both are inspiring me to rethink my denim.

BCBG Max Azaria Shirtdress Sleeves Inspo

So Major I can’t stand it! Shirt-dresses in any silhouette make me happy, but there are Mega Details to be had here:

  • The ruffle is sweet but could also be sexy if vertical and strategically placed!
  • The new classic diagram of modernizing the shirt really speaks to me.
  • I Love this sleeve and the drape. Top Row Right
  • Simple and to the point. A Long tunic shaped night shirt. I need this. And will be figuring out a refashion/or make soon!
  • That draped crossover works for a dress as easily as it does a tunic. So goooood. Can’t say no to draping.
  • The perfect shirtdress for me.

Number Four is of course to Accessorize What makes you unique could be your love of cowboy boots with any and everything, the ton of silver decorating your fingers and toes, the stack of bangles you collected around the world worn proudly on your arm, or that you only rock hand me downs and other sentimental pieces found or passed on to you from loved ones. You know what it is for you.

For me, it is ethnic jewelry, semi precious stones, normally one signature over sized simple style item . It could be my sweater coat, a scarf, my favorite leopard print booties, gigantic fringe earrings or my signature oversize glasses. But normally for me its one piece for impact/pop that ties it all together. I favor vintage, handmade and natural materials first and foremost. Combine the three and you are giving me LIFE!

PicMonkey Collage

Love your details!  I hope these tips will help to give you a clear vision of how to alter something you have and aren’t using into something that you will wear and love! If your dream closet looks nothing like your closet right now, you have some fun and fabulous work to do! But clearing out that which doesn’t serve you is pretty liberating. Items that you know you can’t salvage can be swapped with a friend, donated to your favorite local thrift store or even stored away for those crafty projects you may have been pinning on Pinterest.

Now that you know what you have in your closet, what you’d like it to look like and what basix you might need, think about shopping more strategically when necessary. Your vision board is something like a wishlist that keeps you from getting too distracted from fashion industry garble. It can really help you to visualize and curate your working ‘dream’ closet.

I hope you make your own vision board and celebrate your style! FYI I have managed to thrift two of my wishlist items between Pt.1 and Pt.2 of this post. Score!

Coming up for ReFashion2015,  More ReFashions ofcourse, “DIY Alterations” and “Being a Conscious Babe!” *All images sourced from Pinterest. Don’t forget all of the ReFashion 2015 Posts are on the SweetLeigh Refashion 2015 Pin Board on Pinterest!


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5 thoughts on “ReFashion 2015: Wardrobe Vision Board Pt. 2

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  2. Yes! I love tunics! And denim! And those fab accessories! I am learning a great deal from these posts. I like the idea of editing and curating a working wardrobe, instead of just having a bunch of stuff that may or may not work together (or for me).

  3. Thank you for sharing your process with us. Sometimes I get lost in my refashion closet and stepping back to take a breath and organize makes all the difference.

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