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ReFashion 2015: Upsizing The Vintage Slip


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I found two fabulous vintage slips at a thrift shop a couple of years back. I played around with the idea of selling vintage, but I simply don’t know how to keep my hands off any of it long enough to sell it. Both slips were too small for me, the larger of the two being a size 40 Bust.  But I realized that both of the slips had gathered skirts, which meant that when I took out the seams and separated the skirts from their bodices, there would be more than enough material for my waist. You will often see smaller bodied bloggers re-sizing larger and over sized garments, but I am here to remind you you can upsize garments too!

Vintage Slip Diagrams

So my little diagram above shows the style of the slips as I found them. I deconstructed both of them, meaning picked out the seams so that I had a skirt and a bodice for each slip. Above you will see how I reassembled each piece to create the slip on the right, my final product.

Once I deconstructed the slips:

  • I cut the front side of bodice #2 in half and inserted the front panel of bodice #1
  • I attached the let out skirt #3 to the refashioned bodice.
  • I then picked out the front seams of the adjustable straps to move them closer to the center of the bodice front to sit properly on my shoulders.
  • I saved skirt #4 which is a sheer pleated material to make a sheer skirt. The skirt will be made without a slip so that there is flexibility on how I wear it. Coming soon!

The Moral of the story is that if you are prepared to refashion an item, size isn’t binding. I am a size 24-26 at the waist and a size 22 on top. I have refashioned as small as a floor length size 2 dress that came with a cropped jacket because I knew that there would be enough fabric to work with on my torso. I love my darling new slip!

My motto is when you find something you LOVE at a thrift shop, your size or not, get it! If you love a textile you will find something to use it for. A gorgeous beaded top can become a clutch or convert a too small dress into a crop top.  Your body does not need to fit into some manufacturer’s formula for clothing. All bodies are good bodies and the clothes you wear need to fit Your body.

So even if you don’t refashion, upsize or downsize your clothing, invest in a tailor or barter with a friend who does and don’t hesitate to adapt your clothes to fit you exactly the way you want them to. The sky is the limit Lovelies!

10500352_10152544503337003_2074983950561123122_n 10690245_10152544450022003_4510771681104212673_nVintage Slip – Thrifted & Refashioned by Moi, SweetLeigh


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Author: sweetvanessaleigh

I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

15 thoughts on “ReFashion 2015: Upsizing The Vintage Slip

  1. I am glad you are showing the possibility of upsizing garments, you have done a great job with the 2 pieces!

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  3. I so agree with you. The first thing I look at is the fabric, the second is the shape and the third is the size. If the first two meet my criteria then I don’t worry about the third. I’ll make it work.

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