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ReFashion 2015: Wardrobe Vision Board Pt. 1


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UntitledI am finishing up a major Wardrobe ReFashion or a closet makeover!  After purging my closet I realized I had a lot of clothes that didn’t fit, didn’t work for me or I wasn’t wearing, so I am doing a major ReFashion overhaul ReFashion 2015!  Even though I love to ReFashion it is at times overwhelming to figure out what to make or how to alter things. So I decided to make a master plan!  A little vision, some imagination and yes, some refashioning make for a happier closet experience.

I love women who have a sense of their own personal style. Style Vs. Fashion is for me the key to ReFashion. Creating what you want or need from something you have and tailoring it to your own personal style is such a freeing thing. But having a vision of what it is that you want is the biggest key to ReMaking Your Wardrobe. So Voila! My Wardrobe Vision Board!

I have broken up my “Vision” Board down into 4 parts: Silhouette, Basix, Inspiration & Accessories! There is so much to cover so consider this part one!


Number One is deciding on the shapes that work for you in your closet or Your Silhouettes – Otherwise known as a template for what’s working! I looked in my closet and pulled out the items I love to wear and feel best in and identifying their shapes or silhouettes.  Confidence is everything! Feeling good is easy when you know what works for you. No, I don’t mean what someone told you-you should wear based on your “body type” but what you look and feel great in already is the key to identifying what you will actually wear in the future. More importantly, they are key indicators of how to change things in your closet that aren’t working into things that can work for you!

My shapes are:

  • “Ladylike” mid length full skirt dresses, rectangular and squarish shift dresses also work for me.
  • I have been round my whole life and have finally embraced it. I no longer hide from a harem leg or skinny jean.
  • Lightweight fluid pants styles like the jogger pant is another item I don’t have enough of in my closet!


Number Two is making a list of Your Basix – My ideal closet is transitional, seasonless (SoCal style) and simple. I am working at paying attention to detail when it comes to your Basix list. My style has a clean edge to it but a splash of bohemian flavor. My first 3 basics are something that I am lacking.

  • I LOVE a good shirt dress which I can wear for both casual and professional occasions.
  • I consider coordinating and mix and match separates to be essential but looking in my closet, I have hardly any!
  • Lastly, Tunics are a must for me.

I love a long tunic that can double as a dress with tights or a mini and work equally well with joggers, leggings  or jeans. But again, I’m missing the boat in a major way on this one. So, time to get to refashioning!

In the next post, time to think about what makes something your style and pay attention to the styling of your basix If you require jeans in your closet do you prefer skinny jeans, trouser jeans, wide leg jeans or maybe boyfriend jeans? Do you have jeans you can convert or have converted to make them more of a go-to in your closet? I do!

*all images sourced from Tumblr and Pinterest. Street fashion and blogger pics include photos by Tommy Ton, from SuperSelected, Jeneise Hosey from Jenesaisquoi blog, Nadia Sarwar for Citizen Couture, Sewist & Style icon Kaz on Kollabara and Style.com.

Next up is Part 2 of My Wardrobe Vision Board and some more ReFashions of course! 


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I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

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