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The Empowerment Project 2015


I recently had a chance to reflect on my burgeoning yoga journey in an Instagram post and wanted to share it with you here:

I was tagged by two of my favorite yogis on Instagram to post goals for 2015 via yoga and yoga moments of 2014! So here it goes, a compilation of pictures and one video marking some important moments in my 2014 Yoga journey. The pictures I’ve included begin with my first #StopDropAndYoga my b&w pigeon pose. I love the IG yoga community so much and was so thrilled to be invited to play this virtual tag that gets you moving and practicing yoga wherever you are.

Other pictures in the compilation include a post of mine reposted by @theyogabodyproject, along with an apology/love letter to my belly for a body gratitude challenge by @bodylove4all and a topless three legged dog pose which marked my first #shirtlesssundayclub post. I took all of these images in order to work on accepting my body, shedding fat shame and glorifying my own growing body love. Yoga has organically brought me to this Body Love and Body Confidence journey. ♥♥♥

The top right  picture is my pride and joy. I am working on front splits, I captured this moment where I saw myself as infinitely strong and sexy. I am not near to the ground but am beautiful where I am. I also won a prize in a yoga challenge friends! Thanks @ladiboomyogini for seeing me in the #yogaalloverthisbitch challenge where we were encouraged to take our yoga off the mat and I did!! So excited to see my lovely prize from @gypsyfeverofficial ♥♥♥ Thankful!

I met some of the most beautiful people I know in the very challenging, enlightening and ultimately freeing off the mat yoga challenge, #IamBeYoutiful by the glorious dancer, yogi and creator of Yogance Tamara aka @cuchira! For 30 days we made 15 second videos answering questions, sharing secrets, singing and even dancing in our bathing suits. The video image center above is my “superhero self”. The challenge was an amazing experience.  It rocked my world and reinforced my #radicalselflove mission! My new motto is #BeYourBadAssSelfAndAllIsComing!

The last image on the bottom right is my favorite yoga pose so far, Dancer.  To all my fellow yogis, supporters and lovely dancing hearts thank you for the journeying in 2014.

More Favorite Yoga moments in 2014. Center is my Warrior III at the movies in Santa Monica. I am loving my yoga off the mat!

My Goals for 2015 in Yoga and the rest of my life are to embrace my fears and:

  • Flexibility! I’m looking forward to deepening my yoga practice and letting go of needing to control the outcome, on and off the Mat!
  • Strength! I am committing to focusing on physically fortifying myself to do everything I want to do!
  • Patience! A big one and working on it everyday in all aspects of life. Yoga has been revolutionary for my ability to have more patience with myself and the process. I see that my capacity for patience will only grow. I am looking forward to seeing where I am a year from now. (I couldn’t have written that with a straight face six months ago).

My Body Love, Radical Self Love and Radical Self Acceptance journey aka
The Empowerment Project continues.

Namaste Friends! xoxoxo

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Author: sweetvanessaleigh

I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

6 thoughts on “The Empowerment Project 2015

  1. thank you for showing us that yoga is for everyone, and that it’s really about connecting with yourself. go vanessa!!

  2. I love following your yoga journey! While I, myself, dropped the ball after about 25 days, you continue to blossom. You inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

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