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Thoughts: Plugging In


When my friend Michelle, blogger and naturalist posted this video on her Facebook page, I was prepared to roll my eyes, as I have recently plugged in a bit more. But to my delight I loved everything about “Low Battery,” by Prince EA I agree that we are living with a generation that is plugged into technology at the expense of plugging out of humanity. I think my generation (Gen X),  has tried to assimilate to this almost exclusively tech generation that exists now. In many cases people have had to assimilate as the market place is made up of start-ups based on websites and apps and the technical fields are dominant. I know I have moments where I think did I just speak in hashtag!? LOL.

I feel like blogging for me has become an extension of sharing my interior life and some of my processes. For example, my inner costume/movie geek! I find that I am actually using social media to share parts of myself I rarely share with others, be it in person or social network friends. As you may know, Yoga is something that I have recently begun doing and is helping me to become more present. Being present with other people has always been easy for me. Being present with myself has been more of a challenge. Funny that I would have never committed to this yoga journey without social media edging me on! That I would have a difficult time maintaining this fledgling practice if I wasn’t accountable to my instagram yogis! An accountability that has allowed me a discipline I didn’t know I had.

While my journey has utilized technology to get more personal and centered in myself, others are journeying towards finding their social footing, battling their anxiety and reaching out in the only way they can. I respect the way everyone needs or wants to better themselves and how technology might be a part of that journey. My end takeaway is take what you want from technology take what makes your life better, but leave behind what alienates you from living your life. Someone else will takeaway something else. Some words inspired by “Low Battery.”

iExperience my creative life and inspirations alone and love them without Measure.
Social media has become a way of sharing some of the solitary moments that iTreasure.
iAm grateful to have plenty of meals that I can just EAT.
iAm ecstatic to finally experience plenty of moments where I can just Be.
iAm grateful to have people in my life who I can Hug instead of Poke.
iAm lucky enough to have friends and family that I can Love instead of Like.
iAm present enough to say with all certainty that I am plugged into my Humanity.
iAm humbled enough to realize how very fortunate that makes Me.

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I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Plugging In

  1. Love this perspective! There are two sides to every story. Facebook and social media has also reconnected myself with family and friends who live very far away or whom I have lost touch with. I agree that the internet and technology has had many negative effects on myself and society, but it also has some pretty incredible features. 🙂 I also recently looked at my old Tumblr account. Tumblr may seem like a waste of time but looking back on it was like looking back on a little time stamp in my life. It was like an online scrapbook, diary, inspiration source. It was me. The things I saw on there brought back so many memories of where I was in life and who I was in that moment in time. Pretty cool if you ask me.

    • Thanks Stephanie. I’m not even sure that there are sides, but a I know that there is a way for technology to keep you connected when you can’t be otherwise. Nice to meet you by the way! 😀 Staying true to ourselves is so key. I love your experience with Tumblr. I too have a Tumblr as my inspiration source! Very cool!

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