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ReMake: Sandal Boots Refashion


PicMonkey Collage Cover Base

My favorite time has always been Autumn. The fall always meant going back to school, new beginnings, and time for layers, sweaters, coats and boots! While thrifting I found some Ralph Lauren ankle boots they were a bit too small in the heel but I was determined to make it work as they were a great quality leather boot and I had found the style of boot I was after! I opted to convert them into sandal boots with an open heel and peep toe. Living in Cali this is a year round option but a great transitional piece for summer into fall and of course spring as well. This post also introduces my new feature ReMake, my take on DIY refashioning. Think, Eco-Glam.

First, a little inspiration! My style has been bordering on bohemian and school marm, aptly named Cool School Marm Boho. I wanted something that would work with dresses and leggings both of which I have been wearing to death.

ReMake- Sandal Boots Cover

The supplies I used were:

Heavy Duty Fabric scissors
Seam Ripper (To remove the hardware)
Nail Polish Remover and a rag
Sandpaper or a metal industrial file
Craft Paints (Metallic or Otherwise)
Craft Paint Brush
Optional Leather Punch

Don’t forget to protect your hands and surfaces while painting. I prefer to use magazines or scrap fabric that can be reused again.

PicMonkey Shoe Collage1PicMonkey Shoe Collage2

I hope my pictorial above is self explanatory, but just in case, I modified the boot’s shape by cutting out the heel and the toe first. Then using my leather punching tool, (found on ebay for about $20) I punched different size holes in the boots. I prepped the boots with nail polish remover to remove any protective coating and then painted them a metallic black. I’m ecstatic with the results and have already gotten many wears out of them. I hope this inspires you to get creative and shop your closet before you hit the shops!  If you do, please share your refashion with me!  Look forward to more Sustainable Style features on how to ReMake your wardrobe dolls!

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15 thoughts on “ReMake: Sandal Boots Refashion

  1. Those are HOT! you go girl with your crafty self. Love love love them!

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