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20111031191458 (2)Hello My Name is Vanessa and I’m a Halloween Addict. I have always been a Halloween Addict. Even before Halloween. As a toddler I used to sit around in my mother’s long wigs and play with my Diana Ross doll, in essence, believing whole heartedly that I was, infact Diana Ross. Because I am a Believer. I will never stop believing that life is a musical, that there are indeed unicorns and that I can channel myself into anyone that I so desire.


My costuming came early. Thanks to my mindful mother and her sewing machine purchased over six months via lay away with money she had quietly put aside from her housewife’s allowance in the late 60s . I was always ready for a costume party or holiday event. Clearly mom is where I get my can do attitude. I didn’t have store bought clothes until I entered Junior High. Refashioning is in my genes!

Halloween is my annual chance to imagine the possibilites for myself. It is the ultimate exercise in my own creativity, and my joy of play shared by others! I love it so. A little roundup of my costuming life:

Lil Me costumes

My favorite by far of my childhood costumes was my Raggedy Andy for a Costumed Birthday party. Mom did good! I spent my post adolescent early 20s being a vulcan starfleet member year after year. The lovechild of Uhura and Spock! I later moved on to the classics. I’ve been Cleopatra on more than one occassion, and One of my alltime favorites is Frida Kahlo. I do LOVE her so…. Last year I found out many a straight man in my life loves a Unicorn and I particularly enjoyed my mermaid for a costume ball at the Egyptian theater. Another year brought the Bride of Frankenstein and my own version of Metropolis’ villainess meets Barbarella. It was the year of the Cinema….

3be4b5b6253311e2a94622000a1fbd9f_7 20111029195331 unicorn IMG_0574

The sky is the limit darlings Think BIG. Be glorious. Stay Glamourous. XOXO

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I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

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