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Icon: Indie Goddess Debbie Harry

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Andy Warhol Polaroid

Andy Warhol Polaroid

In 1979 I was 6 or 7 years old and I would sing along to Heart of Glass by Blondie the best I could. I would often see Debbie Harry doing her carefully styled sedated thing on Solid Gold, American Bandstand and eventually MTV…. Johanna had an MTV slumber party upon its humble beginnings when I was in 5th grade. One of my original style icons, Punk rock/new wave Singer, Actress, Ultimate Cool Girl: Debbie Harry.

My real obsession with Debbie Harry began Pre-Blondie revival when I saw her in John Water’s fat girl anthem movie, Hairspray. Soon after I’d rediscover her in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, and then later, in great character roles films like Heavy, My Life without me and Elegy. By the early 1990’s she had became my gateway drug to all things art and indie via the early late 70’s and 80’s. Downtown 81 and Blank City would introduce me to the likes of Basquiat, Jarmusch, Lydia Lunch, Susan Seidelman, Steve Buscemi and John Lurie.

What I love most about Debbie Harry is that she is still f*%#king amazing. Still acting, still singing, still writing, still performing and still being as cool as shit at 68. Happy belated Birthday (July 1) to one of the original indie queens. Thanks Gawds for you doll.

debbie-harry-red-mediumDebbie-Harry-debbie-harry-23718393-480-651DH Debbie 3_punk-rock-blonde-hair-edgy-funky-nyc



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