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CineStyle: Roller Boogie



It has been too long since I’ve written on the blog, life gets in the way, so apologies for that. Upon my brief hiatus you’ll find that I have been on a major retro bender, this time ranging from about 1977 to 1980. I LOVE the 70’s. The liberation movements and ensuing pop culture icons, the return to the 30’s in fashion, the birth of Punk Rock and new wave and Disco! Even better roller disco! My friend celebrated a big birthday in June with a disco theme, and being the costume whore that I am, I revisited my favorite Disco film, Roller Boogie. We’ll call it research….

I never saw the exorcist, shocking I know, but Linda Blair finally won me over in a lesser known film opposite the divine Martin Sheen called Sweet Hostage. So when I happened upon  Roller Boogie streaming on Netflix last year, I went nuts! It is a classic cliched plot, with Blair as the rich girl flutist who wants to spend the summer before college roller skating at Venice beach instead of practicing round the clock before heading off to Juliard (LOVE it!). There, she meets Jim Bray, a hot shot roller boogie skater who is happy to teach her some new moves. Eventually they enter a competition, run around in fabulous outfits rehearsing, avoiding her family and discovering a plot to foil the great Roller Boogie Discotheque…. Need I say more? Thank you Tumblr for grabbing all the screenshots I didn’t get to take. LOVE!

roller boogie terryRoller Boogie Linda BlairRoller Boogie (Mark L. Lester, 1979)roller-boogie-3Roller Boogie 7 RB2Bikini Roller BoogieRoller Boogie 8Roller Boogie 1Roller Boogie1Roller Boogie 4roller boogie 6.5 roller-boogie-screen-shot-film-51Roller Boogie (Mark L. Lester, 1979)roller boogie flutistroller boogie linda flute rollerboogie parentsRoller Boogie Disco RB1RB3Roller Boogie 9



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I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

5 thoughts on “CineStyle: Roller Boogie

  1. omg, is this like “Grease,” but with disco skating?

  2. You can still find it on Amazon pretty easy, but Linda has a site for her involvement with Animal Care, and they support it through sales of a really good coffee. I tried some, and it is very good, and the first time I ever ground up truly fresh Java, wow what a flavor difference ! http://www.lindablairworldheart.org/ Here next is a Page on Jim Bray the Guy from Roller Boogie !

    There’s a lot more out there, and let Linda know she should get together with Jim, and do a Special Edition of Roller Boogie, where they both talk about their memories !

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