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Gush: Shingai Shoniwa


I am a huge fan of Shingai Shoniwa. Shoniwa is lead singer, bassist and co-writer and half of the Noisettes, the other half being guitarist Dan Smith. I first heard of them when they released their second album Wild Young Hearts in 2009. I quickly ran out and bought their first album What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? Last year their 3rd album Contact came out with some fresh sounds and it only confirmed that I’m utterly addicted to their brand of Pop Punk Soul.

Besides her being an amazing, singer, musician and writer she is a true style icon. It’s not surprising that Professional Natural Hair brand Mizani, a division of L’Oreal has chosen her to be their first celebrity face. The London native of Zimbabwe descent has the coolest hair, ever. Not to mention a gorgeous perspective on her art.  Read more about Shingai in this great interview from Celebrity Red Carpet from last fall.


the Noisettes

shingai quote

Noisettes-Doc martens

Ad campaign for Dr. Martens



Courtesy of Mizani


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2 thoughts on “Gush: Shingai Shoniwa

  1. she is just amazing looking!

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