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Inspired: LACMA – Kubrick, Caravaggio and German Expressionism, Oh My!

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Entering Kubrik

Entering Kubrik

Stanley Kubrick at LACMA! I finally took a long overdue trip yesterday. I kind of shame my membership going as scarcely as I do. But I was shocked at how much I loved the Kubrick exhibit. Film junky that I am,  I am almost embarrassed to say I have not seen the vast majority of his work except for the GAWD AWFUL Eyes Wide Shut and very violent Clockwork Orange. Not even Spartacus or Lolita. Yes, the Shining too people.

I may NEVER see 2001 Space Odyssey but I adored the video on the costume design. Frederick (Freddie) Fox, milliner for the film (and the now retired Queen’s milliner) is my new obsession. He is a perfectionist and a riot. The costumes by Sir Hardy Aimes are so right on and subtle in their nod to the future. Smart and fantastical in an approachable way. I love the sketches by Sir Hardy Aimes, on display. I might just have it on as background while I am listening to music. Lolita and Spartacus are first on my must see Kubrick list to be sure. I had no idea he did Paths to Glory either. I will have to see Clockwork Orange again too and feel like The Shining is knocking on my door. Amazing exhibit extolling the amazing if not fanatical devotion Kubrick has for the craft. Genius.

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Another film surprise in my favorite wing, the Expressionist collection, featured films, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and my favorite, Metropolis. The films were screened on opposite walls and were surrounded by film stills and the German expressionist art that inspired Fritz Lang & Robert Wiene to create these stylized gems. Amazing music selection for the exhibit as well.

Still from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Finally I visited Caravaggio (and his Legacy) exhibit. Caravaggio is exquisite. Truly. Clearly an innovator his influence is clear. It just seemed as if Caravaggio overshadowed his peers so completely for me. In the gorgeous and skillful light and shadow of Caravaggio’s hand, I found too many of the otherr artists fell flat, literally, creating a pale comparison scenario. But Carravagio, absolutely gorgeous. In person, divine.

Caravaggio’s Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness


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