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Inspired: Online Year 2012

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I wanted to share some of the awesome that I’ve come across on the net in 2012. For me these sites include; “fashion” sites that helps us not to dismiss how impactual and yes, important our clothes are in terms of our self worth, identity, lifestyle, economy and our environment. Sites that dialogue about body politics, body image, anti bullying all of which I experienced as a kid, teen and young adult. Sites that celebrate art, thoughtful, sentimental, confrontational, aesthetically pleasing or displeasing. Lastly, sites of the refashioners, the portrait makers, and community curators who spread the love!

10. Outi Les Pyy of OUSTAPOP TRASHION  is a DIY goddess  Her talent for refashioning old clothes into great design and featuring & introducing other DIY talents making great and inspired fashion tutorials on her site seems limitless. Her book Trashion came out this year and is at the top of my book list.

Photos: Mikko Rasila for Outi Les Pyy’s DIY Fashion Book “Trashion”

9. Self Styled London  Photography by Anthony Lycett I came across this project on Facebook. Lycett documents some of the most stylish and individual people in London who “dare to be different!”  All photographs are Self Styled by the subjects including the image below of Makeup artist and model, Bea Sweet.  A gorgeous documentation of some gorgeous spirited people. Adore.

“Self Styled London” Portraits by Anthony Lycett copyright

8. Fashioning Change *Wear This, Not That* – Fashioning Change touts “Clothes that are good for your health, the Earth, and human rights.” It is a shopping site that is committed to introducing you to designers and brands that are looking forward and practicing sustainable business models. The site provides you with ethical. ecofriendly fashion and vegan fashion with no sacrifice of style. You can also shop by country. “Where This, Not That” gives you a direct alternative to that designer label piece you love, often at a better price and always leaving you with a lighter conscience.

Wear This Not That: Image courtesy of Fashioning Change

7.  Hyperallergic Sensitive to art and its discontents is the site’s sub header. It’s a great art forum where I can get the rundown on the 2012 crisis at MOCA, an essay of an artist without a home, post Katrina, or a review of Cosmopolis from a purely visual perspective. A little bit of everything for anyone who appreciates contemporary art and wants to think more about it.

Comic by Lauren Purje appearing in Hyperallergic 12/31/2012

6. Ivania Carpio of LOVE AESTHETICS  is a journalism student who loves aesthetics and not only has a great eye for modern minimalism but brings that eye with a sophisticated take on DIYprojects. LOVE.

Thrown Over the Shoulder Jacket project image courtesy of Ivania Carpio

5. Etsy – Etsy is by no means new to me in 2012 but it remains a wonderful resource to locate independent designers, creators, artists and makers doing amazing work. An example of my latest favorites on Etsy these days include: purlB.Knit for great original knit head, neck and hand pieces and Allihala, a size positive indie brand who makes amazing underwear, leggings and garter shorts. Fabulous.  Etsy is also where I first found independent designer Nakimuli (whose Plus line is available largely on their website and on Domino Dollhouse online).

ALLIHALLA Garter Shorts

Grimlock Caplet by purlBknit. Exquisite. Photo courtesy of purlBknit

4. Vintage Black Glamour – I searched online it seems, forever, until I happened upon Vintage Black Glamour on tumblr. The lovely online archival project of writer, Nichelle Garner. Vintage Black Glamour holds a huge collection of photos of Black actors, artists, musicians, entertainers and everyday people throughout the  20th Century that Nichelle has sourced and credited for the most part.  Awesome. To think, the words vintage and Black in a search engine two years ago would always bring me to every vintage clothing purveyor under the sun. Thank you Nichelle for helping us to find these beautiful images of Black folk in cultural history, in their glory. VBG makes me happy.

Nora Holt, photographed with a marionette by Carl Van Vechten on August 29, 1937, was first African American to earn a master’s degree in music (Chicago Musical College, 1918) via Vintage Black Glamour

3.  Threadbared  is “an evolving collaboration between two clotheshorse academics to discuss the politics, aesthetics, histories, theories, cultures and subcultures that go by the names “fashion” and “beauty.”” I can’t say it better myself. An inclusive dialogue on the means, wearing of, and implications of clothing.  With essays on the recurring phenomena of white models in black-face to the free labor exploitation of bloggers and art features of the likes of Modern Dandies, and so much more – Threadbared is honest, intelligent, enlightening and always compelling.

Tanisha C. Ford is interviewed by Threadbared on her recent essay “Haute Couture in the ‘Ivory Tower,’” on race/gender politics in academia regarding a recent fashion spread in the New York Times. Photo: K. Elllis Images.

2.  VirgieTovar.com Virgie Tovar, is a positive, sexy, exuberant expert in body image whose energy is contagious. She is the editor of the recently released Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion (a book I am currently reading and loving). She writes about the intersections of size, identity, sexuality and politics. She is the BOMB.COM.  Her video blog entries on YouTube are both personal and universal and her blogs on topical subjects around body image are sharp and insightful. A coach and educator on fat positivity, Virgie advocates  “hate loss, not weight loss.” I agree wholeheartedly.

1. Pinterest Being that I never got around to my “Obssessed with Pinterest” post in 2012, now seems as good a time as any! My love of Pinterest comes from both my practical organization loving side – wanting a place to store all of my bookmarks – and my pleasure center. It just makes me giddy to come across a rare image or art work I’ve never seen before or wander across a designer I never knew existed, and add them to my consciousness. Pinterest evokes a sheer joy and delight in discovery for me.  I’m finding that creating mood boards and inspiration boards in a shared environment and pinning, repinning and being repinned in real time with new friends and aesthetic allies across the globe is more about creative community than it is about feeding shopping lists. Collective vision boarding. The people, projects and information you come across are endless. As is the inspiration.

Image courtesy of artsyforager.com


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