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Crush: Solange & Jenna

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Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons has impeccable personal style. So much so that she has to share it in the fashion forward quirky classic day wear of millions of women via J. Crew where she is the Creative Director. She was just honored at Glamour Magazine’s woman of the year awards, where she came out as being in a loving lesbian relationship with another fabulous fashion mogul, Courtney Crangi. Congratulations to Jenna.

Lyons is bringing high fashion a bit closer to everyday life for many women and men via J.Crew and it’s pretty genius. Something about Jenna’s hand on the label has really provided women with building blocks that are special enough to help them recreate their own image. She is truly a style inspiration. I recently saw her featured in a Masters of Style video made by Vogue a few years ago. She said “When I was young, all I wanted to do was look at magazines, play with color and shop. I cannot believe I actually get to do that for a living.” I love it when people truly appreciate their lives no matter how hard they worked to get there. In the same video she admits to being “obsessed with lip gloss.” Love.


Once upon a time Solange Knowles was best known as Beyonce’s little sister, but these days she is just Solange. Natural beauty, singer, DJ, actor and Fall 2012 model/face of Madewell (J.Crew’s sister brand), her personal style is a dream with the perfect blend of eclectic ease.  Recently Solange was an Elle SouthAfricaCenterfold/Cover girl in South Africa,  named one of Vogue magazines best dressed and has a killer video for indie pop single Losing You. On being called a hipster in a recent interview with the Guardian ‘Hipster? I despise that word. It’s just a lazy way to describe someone who doesn’t define themselves in a narrow way.’ Did I forget to mention mad cool.


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