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Noted: Ninja Glitterati

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Natalie Ferraro and Bethany Weber are Ninja Betty &  the Nunchix, and they make great electro-pop together. With anthems like “Charge Me Up” and sexy sweet ballad “Love You Love,” the duo is releasing a stellar EP this month.

I caught them at The Viper Room a few weeks ago at a show themed around unicorns – joy.  Nunchix kits with glitter, bubbles and flashing glow rings were provided  with an expectation for full audience participation. We did our part. I love it when L.A. audiences let it all hang out.

The Nunchix honorary band mates aka the Betties perform on stage with them and partake in the fabulous stage wear designed by singer Natalie Ferraro. I do love a bit of a production. The Nunchix have stolen my heart.  They’ll steal yours too, check out their Facebook for info on their upcoming self titled EP release.

The band is also offering up a free download of their new single “Drop Dead Gorgeous.” It just keeps getting better.


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