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Icon: Anna Piaggi

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Anna Piaggi, a fashion writer and fashion icon, has died. It is sad to see an Icon go, sad because they embody something so unique and engaging.

Muse to Karl Lagereld, Stephen Jones and devotee to another favorite of mine, Vivienne Westwood as well as Manolo Blahnik, Piaggi has been author of many legendary fashion journals, the subject of a fashion exhibit as well as the subject of my admiration. View an example of Anna Piaggi’s editorial work here.

Known for her signature blue curl, most often in a hat and always layered to glamorous perfection. From 1969 Piaggi penned her articles and books on a red Olivetti typewriter. Fabulous and beautiful in her eccentric fashion sense she will be missed.

Here is a lovely piece written about her by Bill Cunningham, fashion photographer for the New York Times in 1994.

Rest in Peace Anna, and of course in style.

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