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Divine Downton

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Yes, I freely admit, that I am a fan (short for fanatic) when it coms to the PBS series Downton Abbey. Having always loved the class centric soap operas of Austen and the like, Downton is the perfect cross section of Upstairs Downstairs and Pride and Prejudice. And lucky for me the world loves it too. So I imagine there is no end to the hijinks of the sisters Crawley. But if you’re really interested you can find out more about Downton here.

Love magazine, clearly loves Downton Abbey too. The actors who play the Crawley sisters and wicked man servant Thomas grace the cover for issue 8. Five different and gorgeous editorial images are circulating featuring  James Collier (Thomas Barrow), Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary), Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith), and Jessica Brown-Findlay (Lady Sybil).  The  costume drama issue will be available July 30th here.






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