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Cult of California


Not too long ago I became aware of Jennifer Wilder, a smart, savvy, veteran designer about to launch a Plus size fitness and lounge wear line called Cult of California. “Worship at the altar of you”. I like it.

I got to help out at the recent fashion show launch party and trunk show which was full of great energy and insiders in the plus size industry. 
A fantastic launch and fashion show, a GREAT party, but most importantly a fabulous line – remarkably, reasonably priced. All photos courtesy of Thann Clark and Cult of California unless otherwise noted. 
Lindsey in makeup  Copyright: Thann 2012 
Looks Rack #1  Copyright: Thann 2012 
Backstage dressers, Kendra, Crystal & me  Copyright: Thann 2012
Emily, Rayna, Sam, and Tess Munster in the runway finale Copyright: Thann 2012
Designer Jen Wilder in a Cult of California Copyright: Thann 2012
The Party.  Copyright: Thann 2012
Some of the Cast and staff for the event Center stage, Jen Wilder

Clearly Jen Wilder had a vision with her line of edgy, sexy workout wear for women of all shapes and sizes! Finally, something I want to wear to the gym, or for drinks and there is even a section devoted to club wear. All of it is easy, stylish and has definite sex appeal. 

Another hallmark of Cult of California that is unique, is that the line ranges in size from 8/10 to 28/30. It is truly Size Positive and a reflection of women of various shapes. Sexy, functional fashion that fits average to larger women of many sizes,I love it!
Check out the line, now! Hurry before it sells out. 

Photos courtesy of Thann Clark and Cult of California Copyright: Thann 2012


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I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

2 thoughts on “Cult of California

  1. Omg! This is perfect! Thanx for this post…I have the hardest time finding cute and good sports bras to work out in. Going to have to definitely check these out 🙂

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