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Vivian Westwood: Ethical Fashion Africa

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Vivienne Westwood in Nairobi by Juergen Teller
Being a thrift store junky even as a fiercely independent kid of the fashion gone crazy 80’s I never really got into big labels or logo bags. Perhaps its that rebel sensibility that makes me LOVE Vivienne Westwood. A woman who introduced punk rock to fashion, has been holding protests at her fashion shows for nearing a decade and has a manifesto. Le Sigh. 
Vivienne Westwood has launched the Ethical Fashion Africa Collection.  Her collection includes handbags and totes upcycled from road side finds from flip flops to old tent fabric. All bags in the collection are handmade in Nairobi, Kenya by a women’s work co-operative for a livable wage.

Westwood’s Africa collection is part of the Ethical Fashion Programme which is part of the International Trade Centre, the joint body of the United Nations (UN) and World Trade Organisation (WTO). 
The Ethical Fashion Programme supports the work of over 7,000 women. They promote work for marginalized communities of women such as single mothers, widows, HIV/AIDS victims and those living in extreme poverty. Their slogan is ‘This is not charity, this is work.’

In need of a big label bag? Shop the collection online.
For more information on the Ethical Fashion Programme please visit Here.


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