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I’ve been working pretty hard at setting my sights on working for myself. I have been making merch, researching vending spots, figuring out how to negotiate this whole social networking marketplace thing! I feel like a luddite in a techie convention, but I’m learning, and loving it. How did I manage without twitter? Truly, tell me how.I went to my favorite local thrift store with the specific goal of finding storage for my workspace. I needed to convert just under five feet of wall space into a far more organized and self-contained workspace for SweetLeigh.

I scored a wood cd rack that I converted into a far more space efficient supply case for my millinery materials. It has 10 shelves and each fits a plastic covered container dividing up my fascinator bases, fabric scraps, veiling, crinoline, beads, feathers and other various decorative finds.Completing my workstation is a 4 drawer table where my lovely machine will rest. It was an amazing find at only 15″ deep and light as a feather. The drawers hold  Lastly, a tiny bathroom cabinet 1 foot deep and less than a foot wide, not quite 5 feet tall serves as my fabric cabinet. I’m pleased with the structure of my new workspace and definitely have some beautifying to do and will keep you informed.

In the meantime some fabulous and inspired artists in their live/work spaces photographed by Tom Selby, life portrait photographer extraordinaire. All images are from the Selby.

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I am Vanessa Leigh, maker, writer and witchy goddess in training.

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