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In my last ReFashion2015 Post I told you about the “Making Good” Blog train! Well today is the day lovelies! This series is hosted by Agatha from Green Issues by Agy  .

The purpose of Making Good is to sit with valuing what we have and choosing to repair an item before discarding it.  As Judith of Juicy Green Momma put it so well “Some see repair as a way of reconnecting with our possessions as we extend their lives. Others see it as a form of creative potential and an avenue to express their craft.  Follow the“Making Good” blog train and see how we are repairing and reconnected with our belongings.

I have worn these shoes to death! I love them and felt very fortunate to find them at one of my favorite thrift stores. They were in great condition, but I have in fact worn them out a bit. Although they look good from the top on the sides they are cracking and the fabulous fine glitter surface was peeling in places!

Before cracking sequins finish

How toI got old school crafty with it and decided to Mod Podge it! It is always a fun project to stick some glitter on something, no matter how old you are. I have some gold Glitter but not nearly as fine as the original finish, but I decided that wasn’t a problem.

  • Supplies: Newspaper/rags Matte Mod Podge, Mod Podge Sealer Spray, A craft brush, A glass jar and Gold glitter!
  • I poured mod podge into the jar and then added the glitter
  • Next, I filled my shoes with the circulars to protect the inside
  • After that, I used the brush to start applying to problem areas
  • I allowed my shoes to dry in the sun and checked the coverage.
    During applications
  • I was pretty heavy handed with the glue and added more glitter on spots that needed more coverage like in the pics above.
  • After three applications I was happy with the coverage and used Mod Podge sealer to secure my new finish. Voila! The finished product!


The best part is I got even more shine! Finding these shoes made me so happy! Repairing them maybe even more so!  Keep following the train tomorrow with Joy of Xoxo Grandma and see what she’s been Making Good.


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ReFashion 2015: Summer Wardrobe Capsule!

ReFashion 2015 continues! So My loves a project within a project. We are almost halfway into the year and this project! People, the time goes quickly! Two things!

11164613_943794012322038_6733002597590496421_oFirst I am part of a fabulous project called Making Good initiated by the amazing Agatha Lee of Green Issues By Agy Blog. I love her Fix it Friday’s which are dedicated to repairing clothing and non-clothing items instead of throwing them away. She has expanded it with the blog train #MakingGood for the month of May. I will be posting my contribution this week! But you can go to the blog and catch up on some amazing repairs from my fellow Blog Train mates now!


Second! Today I am sharing my plans for my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration! Putting some thought into what I’ll be rocking this summer is an act of self-care and about simplifying for me! From how I look in certain items to how comfortable I am, Summer style has never been my forte. I just have never had enough easy hot weather pieces that I wanted to wear all of the time. A typical uniform for me consists of things that I just don’t have enough of in my closet! Since I do wear the same things week after week I decided to make and remake some summer staples that reflect what I AM wearing and my style. Here is a look into what is informing my Summer inspiration!

MixMatch Separates

First off, it is time to catch up on separates! I hardly have any! Mix and match separates are the groundwork for a great closet.

  • For one, I have a serious shortage of tops. So my plan is to transform some dresses I am not wearing into separates for that adorable matched set look as well as some into tops and/or skirts!
  • The big risk is shorts! I don’t dislike my legs – cellulite and all, but I do dislike chub-rub, fabric hiking up between my thighs and having to pull them down constantly. So I intend to find my perfect shorts pattern or style. I am determined to make some shorts this before the summer is done! Wish me luck!

Pinafore Inspo

I am in love with the Pinafore. I have always been a sucker for an apron, so an apron inspired dress makes sense for me. A pinafore style can immediately ring cute or hippie for some, but it can also get pretty edgy. I don’t mind any of the three actually.

  • I think it might be my ultimate solution to feeling comfortable rocking a crop top or even a tube top to wear it under a pinafore. We’ll see!
  • Pinafores are a great solution for refashioning skirts I am not wearing.
  • Pinafores also can range from overall styles to suspender skirt styles and is an instant fabulous detail for an outfit. #UGH LURVE!

Sack Dress Inspo

I have a dress I made not dissimilar to the blue dress on the bottom left. Every time I wear it I am complimented. EVERY Time. Chic and relaxed wins every time, adding funky jewelry, scarves, a jacket/blazer and your choice of ballet flats, sandals, high tops, lace up boots or booties personalizes this amazing staple.

  • A Sack or Shift dress works in any fabric and is pretty much season less
  • The solution for my love of tunics. Leggings transform the dress as do layers. LURVE!
  • It is a simple way to rock major color and pattern
  • I feel comfortable and stylin’ in a sack dress EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

So my lovelies! There you have my plan for a FAB summer wardrobe capsule. Time to Make! Have you given any thought to your typical summer uniform? <3


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A Love Letter to My Belly


Often I find meditating on my self and my body is exactly what I need to get grounded. My body is a place that, for a long time, I had separated from. I distanced myself from the random reflections I would catch in a mirror or a window and always be shocked at what I would see. I disassociated from my body, I was not present in it as if I was an alien inhabiting a vessel not my own. The impact of documenting my yoga journey can not be reflected on enough. It has changed my life.

Yoga has changed my relationship to my body. It has again, connected my sense of being and self to my body and spawned a body love and self acceptance journey. Other people’s shaming  can’t compare to my own constant shaming of myself. That will never excuse the bullies out there. I learned that I wasn’t good enough from TV ads, and TV shows, teasing classmates and my well meaning parents, and strangers looking me up and down. The daily microaggressions. The weight loss equals happy life rhetoric became the nasty voice inside my own head beating me down. And its time to let it go. It’s not easy but it is time to reject the “well meaning critics”, the “concerned citizens” and just plain assholes. It’s time to rid myself of my own biases. For me radical self acceptance begins with my big belly. So here is my beginning lovelies.


Dear Belly,

You have been the bane of my existence for my entire life. I struggle with you, you poor neglected friend. I have ignored you, covered you, never able to hide you but tried in spite of that reality. I have wished you away. I have wished for rolls where I have mass, jiggle where I have girth, most of all I have wished you flatter like the mainstream fashion magazines of my youth, like even the plus size magazines of today.

10903645_1546658305615253_2136387726_nThat cute little fleshy area on others is a mountain on me.  I have been asked when am I due too many times. I have been told that I would be perfect if I could slice off this belly of mine. I have believed it too. I am sorry belly. I allowed myself to give in to judgment, the shaming and the littleness of a nation indoctrinated into myself. I gave in to comparisons that serve nothing and no one. Comparisons, do not honor me, my journey and my unique body. Enough is enough. It is time to embrace you fully, as you are. As we are. As I am.10903412_799409473467023_748313952_n

I am sorry for the neglect and admonishment I have directed at you. I see You and I will not turn away from you again. On hard days I will remember the potbellied 3 year old in the bikini at the pool I once was being adorable loving myself and smiling.


I am grateful to you belly for warming me, providing comfy cozy hugs, holding muscles that support my frame and being so responsive to the efforts to strengthen myself. Thank you belly for allowing me to deepen my self love practice and my radical self acceptance journey.                Love, Vanessa.

If you are also in a self acceptance journey, what body part would you write a forgiveness letter to? How do you let go of the inner critic inside?


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Inspired: Manifest Justice Exhibit


May 1-May 10 I participated in events and volunteered at Manifest Justice here in Los Angeles. An amazing experience, in which the organization Manifest Exhibit sponsored by Amnesty International and the California Endowment, displayed works of 150 artists showing 275 works in a former movie Theater in Baldwin Hills – a neighborhood of Los Angles. I took all of the  photos of art from the exhibit in this post, for artists and info please check the Manifest Justice website.


On my first day at the exhibit I got to speak to one of the lesser known filmmakers of the L.A. Rebellion a group of African and African American independent film and video artists that formed at the University of California, Los Angeles, in the 1970s and 1980s. The most famous of them being Julie Dash writer and director of Daughters of the Dust. I enjoyed hearing about the history of the Baldwin Theater, an independent theater for the Black community built in 1949 and eventually torn down in 1994. It seemed a tribute to the space to house this amazing exhibit.

Ferguson Protect and Serve


The stunning space built out for the exhibit was also home to workshops and panels through out the ten day pop up. Particularly of note was the presence of Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin who lead a conversation moderated by Rosario Dawson on how to move forward. Of note was a discussion on Prop 47 which would reduce non violent felonies to misdemeanors in CA allowing many citizens the rights to vote, better job opportunities and resources.


I had conversations with so many amazing people, attended a great discussion on Stop Telling Women To Smile, by the artist who created the posters of the same name, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. A discussion on sexual harassment that was rich with perspective including the sexualization of youth as culture. Afterwards those of us who wanted to take photos with Tatyana for future potential works and shared what we had to say to those who sexually harass women. It was  such an empowering event. Along with so many others.

Prison Cell School Room


Art is the ultimate platform for sharing important messages and starting conversations around hard to discuss issues. I went to this event feeling, overwhelmed, oppressed, depressed, and enraged with the system that is selective at best around the issue of justice. I left feeling both engaged and empowered. Share your thoughts, these images and start a conversation.

PicMonkey Collage11229302_10152722515542003_4123750217920940649_nIMG_4985

Manifest Justice and don’t turn away from justice in Baltimore, and for  Aiyana Stanley-Jones , Rekia Boyd, Tanisha Anderson, Yvette Smith, Christina Grand Infiniti, Penny Proud,  Lamia Beard, Ty Underwood, Michelle Vash Payne, Taja Gabrielle de Jesus, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice,  and Tony Robinson.

#BlackWomensLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #AllBlackLivesMatter

Let us start to manifest justice. 

Blogger + Love = In My Joi

Style is Sizeless. If you are reading this blog, you already know that! So I’m here to share some bloggers who I think should definitely be known far and wide!

In My Joi – Joi Smith speaks to me! A gorgeous girl, a color and print lover, and an over 30 blogger who ROCKS thrifted and Vintage. LURVE her! She is one of those bloggers you feel like you know. Her latest Pastel Capsule posts blew me away. Truly a woman after my own heart. #GirlGush InMyJoi

ReFashion 2015: Watermelon Season

Original Header1


ReFashion 2015 continues! You may remember this little number from one of my Halloween ensembles last year! This thrifted fabulousness cemented my making an appearance as Frida Kahlo last year. But I knew I’d be rocking this baby for a long time to come and needed it summer ready!

PicMonkey Collage

The simple breakdown:

  1. I opened up the neckline by squaring the front.
  2. Then I shortened the hemline to just above the knee.
  3. Then I hacked off the citrus ribbons. It was too much.
  4. Lastly I have gained weight since I scored this dress so I needed to make room in the torso so I inserted a panel at the back of the dress for more space when sitting and a more tented shape.
  5. Voilà!

So far in the two weeks I have finished this dress I’ve worn it three times. I LURVE it!


11160656_10152697691622003_2039100482826174729_n 11109302_10152697691847003_1216024608643654027_n



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Blogger + Love = Anisacrament

Style is Sizeless. If you are reading this blog, you already know that! So I’m here to share some bloggers who I think should definitely be known far and wide!

Anisacrament Annisa Mawinda is just plain fabulous and always keeps that edge even in technicolor! Gorgeous high resolution pictures and wicked ensembles make her follow friendly. She hails from Jakarta Indonesia and I am mildly obsessed with her blog. It seems as if every post takes place in a different city and country which encourages my own wanderlust. Dreamy Annisa!


What fab bloggers have you come across recently! <3


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