The SweetLeigh Indie Gift Guide!

Sending lots of love and out to some amazing independent women of color owned shops, artists and curators. It may be too late to receive these awesome handmade and hand curated pieces before Christmas, but some of these amazing gifts could be rocked for New Years, and obviously enjoyed year round. Some of my favorite Makers and Curators of 2014. I am obsessed with the pure talent and divine art of these shops so sharing the love!

Vintage-Black-Glamour-Coffee Table book.

The Vintage Black Glamour Book by Nichelle Gainer

When I first discovered the tumblr sight Vintage Black Glamour I went crazy. My best of 2012 Online featured the site. Nichelle Gainer is a meticulous amazing woman for having located, researched, dated and shared vintage photographs of Black American Life in the 20th century that was no where else to be found online or on bookshelves! Since she came on to the scene some of those things have changed!  The site of course took off! And now she celebrates the victory of having the first Vintage Black Glamour Coffee Table Book. Nichelle is totally one of my heroes. Vintage Black Glamour Love.


Brandi is the maker of PurlBKnit. She is so glorious in her techniques, style and if you hadn’t guessed is an amazing photographer as well. I am just in awe of her skill and want everything in her shop. So good! The original design goes on and on and on. Infinite Creative Love.

Lingua Nigra collage

Lingua Nigra Jewelry by Alicia Goodwin

My friend Alicia Goodwin is the creator of Lingua Nigra Jewelry. A luxurious line of original handcrafted jewelry made from precious metals, precious stones and other fabulous organics. Her pieces are all unique and stunning. The kind of pieces that you wear forever…. Adorn me.

klub kid vintage etsy

Klub Kid Vintage

My boo Ramdasha picture on the right is the brainchild of Klub Kid Vintage. She serves some 90’s RealNESS in alt style. The shops collection of coats is ridiculous! No end to the 90s finds, loud patterns, loud sweaters, mesh tops, sweater dresses styled to perfection. There is some serious inspiration to be had while doing your sustainable shopping!

Whitney Mero Onion Clothing up to size 26-28

Onion Apparel by Whitney Mero

I just discovered Whitney Mero’s clothing line, Onion. Her rayon and jersey draped pieces are instant necessities. Her shop is simple and perfect. If I had to only wear one designer for the rest of my life, she might be it. Capsule Inspo written all over it! I like things easy chic and finished. Whitney is giving me all of that.

Yokoo by Yokoo Gibran

Yokoo by Yokoo Gibran

Y’all Went crazy! when I rocked my first outfit post on the blog in Yokoo Gibran’s Three Ring Chain Scarf. With reason. The woman’s style is divine and taste is impeccable. Her Instagram is a must see too. There is a luxury of simplicity in her work that makes me happy.  So good.

Peace Images Jewelry Vision Studs

Peace Images Jewelry

Peace Images Jewelry is beauteous! There is so much to love. Working in brass, copper some precious metals and wood, Maker and curator Cami is my kind of bohemian.  She has made me a fan for  life with these Vision Studs Pictured above. Giving me Life.

The Pair of Birds on Etsy

Art prints by Tabitha Brown

Finally, Tabitha Brown whose shop The Pair of Birds houses her illustrations. From favor cards, Alt kids of color “Yearbook” studies to her geometric and space illustrations I am in love.

I hope you are too! The next time you want to support some great work by some amazing women, check out these beautiful makers and curators!

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Make: Solstice Cards for the Holidays


I love the “holiday season” in winter. Whether you celebrate Yule/Juul, Lohri, Hannukah, Kwaanza, Christmas, or the New Year it seems that the whole world is gathering with their loved ones in celebration. Many of these holidays reference the ancient traditions and rituals of December Solstice.

This year I’m giving friends Winter Solstice Cards. The solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longest night, and welcomes longer days ahead. Solstice rituals celebrate the life-giving properties, light and returning of the sun in the coming days and months. Astrologically it represents the rebirth of the sun and coincides with a New Moon. The Waxing Moon is a good time to start new projects and set intentions.


An illustration by Eric Carle

I am a huge fan of children’s illustrator and artist Eric Carle and his tissue paper paintings and collage. Inspired by his artwork, I decided to apply this tissue paper collaging technique an organic finish. I kept it simple by cutting out simple shapes representing the moon, trees, stars, and hearts reflecting the bounty of love and abundance of nature.

Supplies: Tissue Paper, Construction paper in various colors, poster-board, scissors, glue, craft brush and loose glitter which is entirely optional.

  1. Select a shape and cut out multiples of it from various colors of tissue paper.
  2. Cut out poster-board in the size of desired cards or post card. Cut a colored piece of construction to fit the inside of your card or blank side of your post card.  Pre-fold your card.
  3. Put some glue in a small dish or jar top and with a dry brush, apply a thin but wet layer of glue. Make sure ot only expose the glue you are using so that it doesn’t dry out and go to waste. I used non toxic children’s craft glue.
  4. Apply our shapes one at a time. Layering colors one over the other until you have the desired affect.
  5. You can also use colored poster-board for an entirely different effect. (black, red or turquoise is really nice too.)
  6. Apply while collage is still damp, sprinkle some glitter over the surface of the card.
  7. After the outside of the card is dry, I apply glue to your blank side or interior and apply your colored construction paper.
  8. Once completely dry, I layered the cards into a heavy book and then placed another on top of it so that the cards would be flat. This is completely optional.


And here you have some handmade holiday cards! Fill them with a personal note, a beautiful quote or lovely ritual to take part in for the solstice. Happy Winter Solstice friends.



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Happy Thanksgiving/Support black-owned businesses for Black Friday


The lovely Laura of Tutus and Tiny Hats has created this post of ways to support and be in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, and the #BlackLivesMatter movment in the wake of the Ferguson decision. Among them is a lovely list of Black owned businesses to support instead of big retail chain stores to shop for BlackoutFriday! SweetLeigh is included and I’m grateful for her thoughtful reflection and simple ways to act. Happy Friends, Family and Feasting Day Friends. <3

Originally posted on Tutus And Tiny Hats:

As if we needed another reminder that our country was built by violence against people of color, today is Thanksgiving, which effectively celebrates the genocide of Native Americans. So I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving–because spending quality time with family and friends is important, and because pumpkin pie is delicious–but also a reflective one, one that honors the holiday’s history.

If you were planning to shop at major retailers this weekend, consider supporting black-owned businesses instead, as many black organizations have asked. If you’re looking to donate money instead of, or in addition to, shopping, check out this list of black-led organizations on the ground in Ferguson, and the Ferguson Public Library’s Powell’s wishlist (see this post for the library’s address and purchasing instructions).

Now for the fun part: pretty things you can buy from black-owned businesses, including Boston’s own The Thicky Chicky!

collage of items by black owned businesses

Top row:

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